Unsplash | Abel Y Costa

TikTok Video Proves You Can Use A Cardboard Box As A Couch Table

Let's be honest about something we all know to be true: there's a lot of really, really bad DIYs out there. This recent DIY floor fail comes to mind, as it haunts my dreams.

However, this is not one of them. This, my friends, is a good DIY. And yes, it involves cardboard boxes. Trust me on this one, it's worth your time.

So, what do you do with your old TV boxes?

TikTok user @summerb4jc, aka Summer, knew exactly what she wanted to do with hers. She recorded a TikTok documenting her frankly genius idea to the classic TikTok sound, "no one's gonna know."

She grabbed some adhesive wallpaper and a squeegee.

I cannot stress how much you need a squeegee-like object when laying down anything adhesive. If it has felt wrapped around the bottom, that's even better. Trust me.

It took some serious maneuvering to get it done.

Wrangling a TV box is no joke, especially when you're trying not to mess up the gorgeous wallpaper you just put on it. Summer made it look oh so graceful.

The results were worth it.

I'm sorry, I've never seen something so smart and so hilarious in my life. She turned a TV box into a couch table with nothing but adhesive wallpaper. Guys, she's a genius.

Commenters loved it.

I too have seen worse things. This is actually one of the better things I've seen on TikTok, I've gotta be honest with you. It's the epitome of a cheap (yet good) DIY.

This is true.

Listen, it is super important for us to see DIYs that are actually doable for those who are new to DIY — or just struggle with them. You can stick a giant sticker on a box, I know you can.

Summer explained that keeping the box was a must.

This is a very smart move. As someone who has moved a few times in a few years, there's nothing more terrifying than moving a TV without proper protection.

Basically, the hack was a hit.

It's rare to see TikTok comments all in agreement (and all positive), but this hack managed it. Finally, nature can heal. We no longer need to read teenagers bullying millennials over their decor choices!

You can watch the whole TikTok here.

Witness the genius, the humor, and the majesty of a DIY I am tempted to try. I'd go for a different adhesive wallpaper — maybe something in a tasteful pink?