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People Are Sharing What Their High School Teachers Said That Changed Their Lives

Many people look back and remember high school as being traumatic or painful, as kids can be pretty cruel in their teenage years.

But, throughout those typical high school moments and memories, some teachers stand out as lifelong mentors and memorable friends. Being a teacher is a hard job, but sometimes, it's something that changes people forever.

As proof, people are sharing the things their high school teachers have said to them that completely changed their life.

That takes courage.

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One Reddit user said on September 11th, when everyone else just played the news, one of his teachers actually discussed the repercussions and aftermath that would come after the attack.

He said that it actually gave the kids some knowledge and prepared them for the world to come.

Words mean so much.

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"I had a gym teacher that was known for being strict/rude. He actively would make kids cry on the regular. After my dad passed away he was still super strict towards me. But one day after track practice he caught me in the hall and said 'your dad would be so proud of you,'" one person shared.

Smart guy.

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Another person said that in the '90s, a teacher had told the class to "never document your deviance." Even back then, it may not have mattered like it does today in the world of social media, but man that is some great advice to give kids.

A lesson well learned.

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"A teacher of mine said he would write me a letter of recommendation, but it had been a week or so and he hadn't gotten back to me yet. I went in a 3rd time to remind him and I started off with an apology, to which he corrected me, saying 'don't ever stop advocating for yourself,'" one person wrote.

Deep and meaningful.

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One student said that before a big exam, a teacher gave out an article of "things people said on their deathbed." Many of them wished they hadn't "cared so much" about menial things or worked such long hours.

The goal was to teach the kids that even if they fail, there are more important things in life.

Super important in today's world.

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"2005 a teacher said intelligence of the future will not be defined by how well you know one skill but instead how well you can find information and decipher what information is good and bad," one person shared on the Reddit thread.


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Another person said that one teacher told kids to "pay attention to what they pay attention to."

If you think about it, it's an eye-opening and deep quote that makes you consider all of the things you prioritize and really focus on.

This is too sweet.

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"Mrs. Boteilho, my senior year English teacher, left me a note on my final essay. She said that every writing assignment, she would put mine on the bottom of the stack so that she knew she had a good one to look forward to," another person shared.

Teachers who believe in their kids are the greatest.

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"Struggled with dyslexia and a learning disability my whole life. English class was hell for me every year. Senior year my lit teacher read some short story that was required of me and said, 'What the f--k are you doing here. You are starting in my AP Lit class starting tomorrow,'" one person said.

Respect is valuable in a classroom.

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One English teacher told the class, "You are not as mature as you think you are, but you are more mature than your parents give you credit for."

Apparently, the kids took it as a sign of respect from the teacher that he actually took them seriously.

When they care, it shows.

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"My music teacher when I spent a large length of time skipping school due to various reasons. She had phoned me after spending hours tracking a way to contact me because she was worried.

'I'm not phoning to tell you off, i'm phoning to make sure you're okay,'" one former student said.

Some of them just get it.

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One user said they were having a very rough year emotionally and it was taking a toll on them and their grades.

During parent-teacher conferences, his orchestra teacher proceeded to tell his father that "he was brilliant." When his father shrugged it off, he proceeded to lecture about how amazing the kid was.

You are who you surround yourself with.

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"Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future. Essentially who you’re hanging out with can either empower you and lift you up, or bring you down. At the time I didn’t really completely understand but as I’ve gotten older and friends have come and gone it’s important to have like minded / goal oriented friends," one person shared.

Always tell everyone how you feel.

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One person said a piece of advice they received was to "always tell people you love them" no matter how you feel in that moment or how angry you are at them. You never know when it'll be the last time.

When you are convinced to stop cheating

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"I had a Biology teacher who once caught me cheating. She pulled me aside and told me 'No one can steal knowledge from you but yourself,'" one person wrote on the Reddit thread.