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How Celebrities Looked In High School Vs How They Look Now

For many people, high school is an awkward stage. It's that time in your life when you're not quite a kid but not really an adult.

As it turns out, some of our favorite celebrities felt the exact same way. Have a look at these celebs in high school Vs. how they look now.

Bruce Willis / @emmahemingwillis

Bruce Willis wasn't always the studly cue ball that he is today. He was once a young beatnik rocking a Beatle bowl haircut who sat contemplating the many mysteries of the universe.

I'm only guessing of course, but judging by this photo I can't be too far off.

Jerry Seinfeld / @jerryseinfeld

This sounds really odd to say but Jerry Seinfeld in high school kind of looks like my dad.

Those long flowing locks are something to behold as well. They make Jerry kind of look like a young Mick Jagger.

Ryan Reynolds

Splash News / @vancityreynolds

You can't tell me that Ryan Reynolds wasn't an SD in high school.

I mean, come on — just look at that yearbook photo! That is the face of a child who knows the ins and outs of the principal's office.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus / @officialjld

OK, so Julia looks pretty much unchanged since high school.

Although I have to say, she looks pretty peeved in her yearbook photo. I bet the photographer felt those daggers even while they sitting behind the lens.

Will Smith / @willsmith

What does it say about me that one of my biggest brags is that I can still rap the entire theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air word for word?

Other than the fact that I'm awesome, of course.

Halle Berry / @halleberry

I want to be delicate with my phrasing here because the last thing I would ever want to do would be to insult the goddess that is Halle Berry.

But taking a look at her old yearbook photo makes it difficult to believe she isn't had work done.

Will Ferrell / Searchlight Pictures

Will Ferrell's high school yearbook photo looks like a complete fake.

Almost as if someone hired a Will Ferrell impersonator, sat them down on a stool, and yelled "smile!"It's nice to see that the haircut remains the same also.

Anna Faris / @annafaris

Anna Faris still looks like she's in high school today as far as I'm concerned.

Those bangs were definitely not doing anyone any favors if I'm being totally honest, but that's coming from a guy who used to spike his hair with dippity-doo.

Matthew McConaughey / @officiallymcconaughey

Even back then, Matthew McConaughey was the most handsome guy in the room.

You could live 10 lifetimes but you will still never be as cool as Matthew McConaughey sitting on a Longhorns-themed Triumph motorcycle.

Reese Witherspoon

Splash News / @reesewitherspoon

How many people can say that they look younger now than they did when they were in high school? Not very many, let me tell you.

But when you compare these two photographs, there's really no other way to put it: Reese, you're a babe.

Stephen Colbert / @stephenathome

Holy smokes. Stephen Colbert in high school looks exactly like Bill Skarsgaard in Stephen King's IT! Those piercing eyes, that sinister smile, all Stephen is missing is a red balloon.

We all float down here, Stephen. We all float...

Tina Fey / Netflix

That sideways glance and crooked smile are signature Tina Fey. It's clear to see that even from such a young age, the aspiring comic/writer knew her angles.

That haircut leaves something to be desired, though. It looks as if Tina fought a losing battle with a lawnmower.

Amy Adams

Splash News / @amyadams

I've been a huge fan of Amy Adams' work ever since she first showed up as "The Hot Girl" in season 1 of The Office.

She practically looks like a Prom Queen in her high school yearbook photo.

Amy Poehler

Splash News / Netflix

Wowzers. So I guess you could call this Amy Poehler's Tina Turner phase?

I don't know whether to smile at her or start singing "Proud Mary" at the top of my lungs. That look must have required cans of hairspray to pull off.

Chris Pratt / @prattprattpratt

Did you ever happen to read the old Mother Goose tale about the ugly duckling who grew up to become the most beautiful swan on the lake?

Well, that's pretty much the evolution of Chriss Pratt in a nutshell.