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A Ton Of Wedding Moments That Had People Thinking: 'This Won't Go Well'

Weddings are a beautiful day where two people join together in front of friends and family to pronounced their undying love for each other. Most of the time, weddings are a gorgeous and memorable day.

Other times, weddings can go south due to some mishaps and even decisions of the couple that just don't pan out very well. Some people get to have a front seat to these kind of happenings, and luckily, they're sharing them all.

This photographer has seen it all.

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"Sat down with bride and groom, filling out the contract. Got the deposit. He stood up, said forget it, and walked out.

2 months later I get told the wedding is off, 3 months later she calls to rebook, different groom. Day of the wedding I am at the church. No one shows. No one, just me and the DJ," he said.

This is one big "yikes."

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One person shared that the bride had revealed two days before the wedding that she "found her fiancé annoying and that she didn’t like him and that he was AWFUL in bed."

That definitely doesn't sound like this marriage is going to be an everlasting love.

That hangover hurts.

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"He ended up at the emergency room between the ceremony and the reception. He went out out the night night before with his sister and friends and got plastered. They had to hold a cold pak to the back of his neck to keep him vertical during the wedding photos. Marriage lasted 30 days," one person said.

For richer...only.

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One person shared during the vows, the section where they say "for richer or poorer," the bride decided to change it and say "for richer or richer, and maybe poorer." Turns out, the priest didn't find it funny, and apparently, they only made it 1 year into marriage, too.

Doesn't seem to be going well for the bride then.

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"Wedding videographer here, I think my favorite moment was when I was sitting at the miscellaneous table with all the randoms and the girl next to me, the grooms ex, drunkenly admitted to sleeping with the groom a few months prior," a videographer shared.

That's just plain rude.

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One MOH said during the license signing, the bride excused herself and while she was gone, the groom began to bash her and her cooking (which she takes pride in).

When she returned, he acted like nothing even happened. Talking smack about your wife? Low blow.

Dad, send help.

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"When my sister married her first husband she mouthed to my father walking her down the aisle "I can make this work, right?"... They were divorced 6 months later.... my whole family knew it wasn't a good idea since the original engagement a year prior," one brother said.

Oh, that's a recipe for disaster.

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Another guest said he know it would not last at the wedding because not only was the bride drinking vodka out of pint glasses the entire night, but she also made out with another man who was not the groom on the dance floor. Yikes.

The slap heard round the world.

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"When the bride tried to playfully feed the groom some cake, pulling it back once it got close to his mouth. The third time she did this, he slapped it out of her hand and stormed off.

In the ensuing awkward silence and wide-eyed staring, we all knew it wouldn't last," another said.

Ring ring, it's for you.

Unsplash | Sandy Millar

Another guest said that during the wedding ceremony, at the most intimate part (the vows) someone's phone went off.

Turns out, it was the grooms. And, he actually had the audacity to answer it in the middle of their vows. They got divorced.

Good thing she left!

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"Prior to my wedding I’d asked my husband to practice dancing with me because I’m uncoordinated, due to a disability. He blew me off and said we’d be fine. As we were dancing, he spoke in my ear, not even quietly. “What are you doing? What’s wrong with you? You’re embarrassing me," an ex-wife wrote.

Oh no no no.

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Another person shared that the groom's best man was his cocaine dealer, and that the groom was totally wrecked during the ceremony and kept laughing the entire time.

Not to mention, there were awkward conversations between the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. Too much.

Vegas does that to people.

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"The bachelor party and the Bachelorette party were in Vegas at the same time. Across the hall from each other. The bride and groom got in a huge fight on the last night of the trip and when I was leaving I said 'I'll see you guys at the wedding' to the groom and he replied 'I'm not sure there's gonna be one,'" another friend shared.

This groom is toast.

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Another said one groom got so drunk at his wedding reception that he actually fist-fought his cousin in the bathroom.

He also hit on the bride's aunt and their little cousin. He even forgot to bring his own child back to the hotel after the wedding.

The cheek?!?

Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

"When the groom went in for the kiss after their vows and the bride presented her cheek instead. They divorced less than a year later after it was discovered she had been cheating on him pretty much their entire relationship," another said.