Wedding Attendees Are Sharing The Most Awful Weddings They've Been To

If you thought all weddings were picture-perfect, think again.

We've got these bridesmaids horror stories that say otherwise, along with these insane demands bridezillas have made.

Now, we've got the true tea from wedding guests. Their stories include everything from monster-in-laws to drunk uncles to cheating grooms.

Keep reading for these stories about truly awful weddings!

The worst best man.


As someone who works weddings for a living, this Redditor has seen a lot of things.

One time they saw the best man get drunk, give a speech, and profess his love for the bride who he had slept two nights prior.

The uninvited guest.


"The sister of the bride, who wasn't invited, showed up drunk and got in a fight with the bride until the father of the bride broke it up by putting the sister in a choke hold and dragging her out of the venue. The bride was surprisingly fine afterwards." - u/paulsmith4908

The mourning.

Unsplash | Foto Pettine

"One of my wife’s coworkers got married this past summer. Her father passed away from a fatal heart attack the morning of the wedding, but her family insisted and convinced her to go in with it, so she did. It was awkward as hell and nobody in the building made it through without crying, even the minister." - u/chipmunksyndrome

The student.

Unsplash | Drew Coffman

School was in session when this Redditor attended the wedding of an 18-year-old bride and her 29-year-old math teacher...

They had McDonald's for dinner since that was where they had their first date. Ah, love.

The Teletubbies wedding.

"Some of the groom's family decided to prank the reception by dressing in Teletubbies costumes and running around to the theme music. But instead of wearing the matching Teletubbies masks, they wore cheap white plastic masks from the costume store. It was complete nightmare fuel! Children were crying and it was all I could do not to leave on the spot!" - u/crimison

The downfall.


"The bride fainted, and hit her head hard enough to go to the hospital in an ambulance. No refunds, so they amazingly still had the reception. Pretty subdued. We had a few drinks and just left." - u/cubs_070816

The runaway bride.

Unsplash | Adrien King

When this Redditor attended their cousin's wedding, they had the unfortunate experience of having the bride being a no-show. The cousin even announced this on the microphone to their 500 guests.

The cheapo.

Unsplash | Michael Longmire

"At my uncle's fifth or sixth wedding, he expected cash gifts only, and instead of enjoying his reception, he gathered all the envelopes and sat at a table with a notebook and calculator, counting all the money he got." - u/-Anne_of_Avonlea-

The projectile vomit.

"There was like an 8-year-old boy who had loads of confetti in his hand so I didn't think much of it. Turns out he thought it was sugar paper and ate all of, he then proceeded to projectile vomit everywhere through the middle of the ceremony. Was one of the funniest and most disgusting moments of my life." - u/theorangepanda99

The roast.

While wedding speeches are usually emotional and loving, that wasn't the case at this wedding.

Instead, the groom's family absolutely ripped their son/brother apart by bringing up all the mistakes he ever made.

The missing ring.


"After arriving 45 minutes after the ceremony was to begin, during the ring exchange, the groom gets this blank look and says he didn't know he was supposed to buy her another ring. SIL slipped off her wedding band and handed it off to the preacher." -u/jlmccuan

The ninja.

Unsplash | Caleb Woods

"Friend's wedding. The bride's nephew (about 7, I think?) was the ring bearer. Instead of sitting at the front after he made it down the aisle, he decided to do karate moves in front of (and sometimes behind) the couple during the entire ceremony. He's in almost all their photos." - u/rose-bradwardine

The doggy doo-doo.

Unsplash | Chung Nguyen

While dogs are usually an adorable addition to any wedding, the ones at this wedding a Redditor attended ruined it.

They ended up going number two on the white runner down the middle of the aisle. Oops!

The Elvis impersonator.

"At my cousin's wedding, there was a party in the next room with an Elvis impersonator. He was loud enough to be heard over the ceremony, and as the couple was saying their vows, the nextdoor Elvis started singing 'Suspicious Minds.' It has lyrics that start out, 'I'm caught in a trap, I can't walk out...'" -u/Arriveswithabeverage

The wedding dress mishap.


"I was an attendant in my best friend's wedding. Her father walked her down the aisle and while he was not visibly drunk, he had a hard time walking behind her to sit in the pew. He stepped on her dress ripping it from her back down to her a-- (her thong was red). They had to stop the wedding so that she could find safety pins." - u/3Suze

The cheating groom.

Unsplash | Olivia Bauso

At one wedding a Redditor attended, the bride was given a tip to go outside. There, she found her new husband making out with his ex-girlfriend... Suffice to say, the Redditor kept their gift.

The proposal.

Unsplash | Andre Jackson

"During the best man speech, the best man proposed to the maid-of-honor. Totally stole the night from the bride and groom. Now the best man and maid-of-honor are in the process of divorcing." - u/KeevanGoliath

The drunk uncle.

"At a cousin's wedding my uncle was smashed and thought he'd had a stroke in the bathroom as he couldn't straighten himself. Turned out he'd buttoned his waistcoat to his trousers and couldn't stand up." - u/Bo_Shuda

The monster-in-law.

"Mother of the groom showed up in white. Bride took her shopping weeks before and thought they had found a blue dress that made the MOG look beautiful. I wish to this day I had thought to spill my wine on her and force her to change." - u/odnadevotchka