13 Brides Who Saw Their Dream Wedding Turn Into A Nightmare

Wedding season is in full swing now. Why? Basically, because every bride dreams of a flawless wedding day. Summertime is the closest you will get to have that day the way you want it.

However, no matter what the season, things could still go wrong, and boy did they go wrong here. I truly feel bad for everyone involved in these fiascos here.

1. This Bad Timing

Oh, come on, Mr. Cop! It's their wedding day, after all. Could you at least give them a break on this one particular day? Oh my goodness. Can you imagine this happening to you? I would be so royally pissed off.

2. This Poor Cake

"This is how the cake arrived for my brother's wedding tomorrow," one Imgur user shared.

Oh, no. That is everyone's worst nightmare, especially since the cake is the best part of the wedding. I hope they found a replacement in time.

3. This Unfortunate Incident

If you've been entrusted with popping the champagne at the right moment, listen up. Make sure you practice where you aim, or you can be responsible for this. I bet the bride wasn't amused with this stunt at all.

4. This Pesky Bite

Who here is prone to getting nasty mosquito bites? Oh, they love me, those jerks. So, I would definitely be so annoyed if one of them bit me on the head the night before my wedding day.

5. This Time Of The Month Surprise

"I didn't have my period for three months. Now, of all things, I got it on my wedding day, along with the worst cramps I've ever had. My wedding is up in the mountains," one bride wrote on Reddit. Oh, no! That is the worst!

6. This Poor Groom

Every groom wants to get spiffed up before the big day. So this groom went to a barber to get this beard trimmed, only he ended up looking like this. Was the barber Sweeny Todd? Hee-hee.

7. This Wedding Shower Disaster

Guys, take it easy at that wedding shower, huh? This clever guy went down a homemade slide at his shower and ended up with a broken fibula. Take his advice — 0/10 would not recommend!

8. This Wedding Cake Bandit

Word to the wise, never leave your wedding cake unsupervised, especially when your dog is around. This little guy just had the licking of his life, and I bet he's not even sorry about it.

9. This Big Oopsy

"Let's have some champagne, shall we?" said this bride. Only I bet she's now regretting her decision big time. Oh, man, I hope somebody can rescue this dress. Otherwise, I would be super annoyed by this accident.

10. This Glitter Surprise

There will be no glitter on my wedding day. Not if I can help it. I don't know who in their right mind would think throwing it at the bride would be totally fine. Her face says it all, ha, ha!

11. This MIL Fiasco

If anybody shows up at somebody's wedding wearing a white dress, they're not thinking straight. But to have your mother-in-law wear a wedding dress, it's pretty much beyond any bride's worst nightmare. What in the heck was she thinking here? This wedding isn't starting on a good note. OMFG!

12. This Bad Omen

Are you superstitious at all? Well, I hope not. This bride had her entire wedding planned at a beautiful venue only to find out it burned to the ground the day before. OMG! I would just die!

13. This Unfortunate State Of Affairs

This poor bride (bless her heart) broke her ankle, wrist and tore her ACL and a tendon in her thumb on her actual wedding day. Yikes! At least she's still smiling for the picture.

Planning a wedding is hard. I know something about that.

I'm not even halfway through planning my day, but I'm scared now. I hope and pray nothing as terrible as this happens on my wedding day. Please, everybody, send some good vibes my way.

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