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People Are Sharing The One Regret They Have About Their Wedding Day

A wedding day is called a wedding day for a reason — it's one day.

As such, that's a lot of pressure to get things right. This might explain why people obsess over small details and why brides become bridezillas.

And yet, mistakes still happen, which majorly sucks since you can't reverse time.

So to help you avoid similar woes, people are sharing their one regret about their wedding day.

Telling people not to take pictures.

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This Redditor hired a photographer who specified in their agreement that guests couldn't take photographs.

This was a big mistake since the Redditor got ghosted by their photographer and never received the pictures.

Using paper invitations and RSVPs.

"Set up a wedding site and have people RSVP there. The amount of stress I put myself through trying to get paper mailed back to me in an era when no one uses mail anymore was so unnecessary." -u/shirleysparrow

Not hiring a videographer.

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"The wedding was amazing. But while I had an amazing photographer, I didn't hire a professional videographer. So many wonderful moments were captured frozen in time, but there are no moving images." —Sheila

Not having a good breakfast the morning of.

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"We got married early in the day on a beach and all i could think about was how much i wanted a breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, and bacon on a toasted english muffin with just a touch of hot sauce!" - u/Downvotesdarksouls

Letting their mother-in-law have any say.

Unfortunately for this Redditor, doing so ruined the food at their wedding. While they didn't go into more detail than that, we can only imagine that the MIL chose food options no one would like.

Not having their grandmas as flower girls.

Omgsh, how cute this would've been! Sadly, the Redditor didn't think of this until way after the wedding. And since they had no flower girls, they just went without it.

Wearing their hair in an updo.

"This will sound petty, but I regret wearing my hair up. It felt so unlike me and the sticky layers of hairspray wouldn't brush out when I got undressed that night." - u/SuzQP

Not taking a picture.

"We just did a quick wedding for legal purposes with my friend presiding and aunt and uncle as witnesses. It was a nice little sweet ceremony that lasted about 10 minutes over a nice area with a view before we went to dinner. Didnt realize we hadn't taken any pictures until like a week later when we wanted to show someone. Whoops." - u/pounds

Letting other people help pay.

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While this sounds like a good thing, doing so meant that this Redditor lost control of their wedding. Once the money was deposited, the donators took over the guest list, decor, cake, everything.

Having a father/daughter dance.

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Warning: this story will probably make you cry.

One Redditor shared that they didn't have any dancing since their venue was too small. Tragically, the bride's father died three months later from cancer.

Making cupcakes instead of buying a cake.

"We did a lot of DIY--made the beer and mead for toasts, assembled flowers and centerpieces--because it was cheaper but also we like making things. But the cupcakes, in retrospect, were a ton of work and not that great." -u/alltheerinyes

Drinking too much.

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"Ok, I admit it—while my bridesmaids and I were getting our hair and makeup done we demolished a pitcher of margaritas. The drinking continued through the photos and at the reception. So while I enjoyed the wedding, I don't remember as much of it as I would have if I hadn't been several sheets to the wind." —Amy

Hiring a clueless wedding coordinator.

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This Redditor shared that their coorinator started second-guessing everything moments before the ceremony started.

The Redditor ended up taking charge and sorting everything out instead of getting to enjoy their day.

Not preparing a speech.

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"Thought I'd just go up, thank everyone for coming and sit back down. Short and sweet, get it out the way. That's exactly what I did, without mentioning my parents or my wife." -u/spideyismywingman

Worrying so much about the little details.

"What I regret is spending so much time worrying about little details—the seating plan, the music, the bridesmaids' dresses...In the end, all the stress I put myself through leading up to the big day was avoidable. Your wedding is perfect regardless of whether certain details don't work out the way you planned." —Ruth

Inviting people they really didn't want to invite.

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Sure, it's awkward to tell people they didn't make the cut. But as this Redditor pointed out, unwanted guests cost you a lot of money, you don't really interact with them, and few bring presents.

Not spending enough time with guests.

"We didn't spend enough time with our guests—the people we loved—because we kept getting pulled away for pictures, tossing the bouquet, first dance, eating. It was great but I really wanted to spend time with friends and family." —Ivy

Not paying for a babysitter.

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"We had so many young kids at our wedding. It was kid friendly but if we had two babysitters watching the kids it would have been more fun for the parents." - u/barksnapquack

Spending loads of money.

"My wedding was over 100k, at the time I was making great money and only going up. Right after that my industry crashed, my father became sick and I had to take care of my parents.... Took me 8 years to recuperate and finally buy a house." - u/sobedog