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A Bride Is Being Slammed For Asking Her Bridesmaids To Pay For A Trip To Mexico

The world has no shortage of bridezillas.

You can read these terrifying tales here and here.

Recently, a bride accidentally found herself labeled one of them when she shared her wedding costs on TikTok.

Among the many expenses, she asked her bridesmaids to pay for an all-inclusive trip to Mexico — and people weren't happy about it.

Lisa Torres went viral on TikTok last month when she shared the letter she sent to her bridesmaids, outlining "mandatory" commitments.

The list was extensive, filling almost two full, single-spaced pages.

The initial intent of the letter was good.

Torres told Insider that she had been blindsided by the costs and expectations of being a bridesmaid previously.

So she wanted to be completely up front and honest with her own bridesmaids from the start.

She's not wrong.

First-time members of the bridal party don't always realize what they're signing up for when they say yes to being a bridesmaid.

Besides being part of the ceremony itself, there's bachelorette parties and bridal showers to plan, helping the bride with all the wedding plans, and paying for your own dress and shoes.

Aside from the obvious details she thought might come up, Torres also used Google to find out what other common issues might come up.

Some of those issues actually surprised her, such as learning that some bride's require bridesmaids to not have dyed hair or tattoos, or have even kicked women out of their bridal party after they got pregnant.

As her letter noted, those sorts of things weren't a problem, because "that's weird."

She also indicated that bridesmaids could choose their own dress and accessories as long as they fit the color scheme.

That's great, since it allows for wiggle room for each person to find a dress that's flattering to their body type and fits their budget.

All in all, the letter seemed like a good idea with good motivation behind it, but there was one nagging detail.

Torres' choice of bachelorette party was a trip to Mexico at an all-inclusive resort.

That choice isn't necessarily bad, however people were a bit perturbed to see the word "MANDATORY" next to the trip.

In the letter, she says that her googling said it would probably cost about $500 per person.

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While that's relatively inexpensive for an international trip, that's still a lot of money to just require every member of your bridal party to spend.

Her goal was to be transparent with her bridesmaids about financial obligations, but she got slammed instead.

"INTERNATIONAL Bachelorette trip mandatory? Hell no. That's not cool," one user wrote.

"This made me realize I'd rather not have bridesmaids," added another.

Someone pointed out how the trip will likely cost more than $500.

Lisa has since spoken to Insider about the criticism she's received.

"My friends and I travel every year, so it wouldn't have been a huge ask of them, but I can see why it would have been interpreted that way," she said.

She also shared that she's trying not to take the trolling personal.

"I think the biggest thing is to focus more on the people who are positive. I would just prefer to not use energy on negative people."

With a wedding to plan, she has more important things on her mind!

What do you think of her mandatory bachelorette party in Mexico? Let us know in the comments!