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Mom's Post Encourages Parents To Practice Eating 'School Lunch' With Their Kids

As adults, there's a lot of things we've forgotten about being a kid.

One that I know I never spare a thought for is school lunches. I don't remember where I ate my first one, or where I sat that day. But kids do, and those who have never eaten in a lunchroom for the first time might even worry about it.

Thank goodness for moms.

Diane Cotton, a mom from Little Falls, new York, recently came across a post detailing something a lot of parents may have overlooked: how to teach your kids to eat in a lunchroom!

She posted a PSA about sitting down with future kindergarteners.

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"Practice eating 'school lunch' with your kiddo. Make sure they can open everything you send with them. Talk about not eating off of the table in the lunchroom!!!"

Practice eating on a schedule, too.

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"Set a timer for 15 minutes and talk about how they may not finish eating and that’s ok," she said. "Practice packing everything back up and talk about what is trash and what should come back home in their lunch box."

She said it'll really help your child's teacher out.

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With so many kids having that new experience for the first time, it's hard for any teacher to keep track of who needs help. Practicing lunch will make life easier for everyone, kids included!

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