Mom's Photo Of Son's Lunch Sparks Debate About Letting Teens Work Full-Time

Being a parent isn't easy — making the right decisions and calls for your child comes with a lot of pressure and anxiety. No two kids are the same, so what may work for your friends' kids may not work with your kids, and that's totally okay!

Now, a mom is facing backlash for letting her son work full-time instead of going to school.

If you haven't noticed by now, many parents love sharing pictures of their children's lunches on social media.

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It's kind of a phenomenon, really.

However, it's not usually a place that drama breaks out, however, it is the internet, so no one is safe.

Now, a mom is getting called out after posting a picture of her son's lunch in a budget Facebook group.

The woman, who is mom to a 15-year-old boy, shared the large lunch she packs for her boy to take to work every day.

The budgeting mom shared how she utilized leftovers for her teenager's meal.

"Leftover Mexican chicken rice, leftover spaghetti bolognese, two polony and sauce rolls, two homemade scones with butter and jam and a banana for good luck," the mom wrote on the original post.

However, instead of being told what a great job she's doing, she got called out for letting her son work full-time.

According to Daily Mail, the comments began rolling in from "concerned" fellow Facebook users.

"What kind of teenager needs to work such long hours, he should be at school," one member stated.

"All these poor children not able to live as kids," echoed another.

However, the mom was quick to clap back and defend her decision to let her son work full-time, explaining that school wasn't working out for him.

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"He struggled in the classroom and hated school so he trialled working and loves it," she said.

That totally makes sense!

Thankfully, other parents stepped in to defend the mom.

"It sounds like he’s doing what he loves, educating himself through his work and having a blast whilst he's doing it. You're the exact kind of mother I'm striving to be," wrote one user, as per Daily Mail.

"Brilliant to see a kid want to go out and get it. As long as he gets his contracted breaks and he’s looked after," agreed another.

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