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Homeowner Wins Against Complaining Neighbor To Keep Coffin Flowerbeds

Many people buy homes in order to decorate them the way that they want to. However, in neighborhoods with picky residents, some decor options can be frowned upon. When this happens, neighbors can try to destroy property or even complain to other residents to try and have decor and home pieces removed.

And, things can get kind of messy and crazy.

We've all heard of neighbors who can be problematic.

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Some neighbors don't like it when their neighbors are too loud. Others hate it when they park in the wrong spots.

We've also heard of neighbors who don't support specific causes or beliefs and therefore try to make problems for everyone.

Christina Calbury of Ontario ran into some problems with her neighbors recently.

Calbury, who loves horror films and the entire genre, wanted to give her home some goth and dark edge.

She decided to use her front lawn to do so, but her neighbors truly were not thrilled by the choice she had made.

Calbury purhcased a coffin of of Facebook Marketplace.

The coffin, however, did not have a body in it. Instead, she decided to turn the coffin into a small garden by putting the flowers into the coffin in flower beds.

While the front lawn piece is definitely horrific, not everyone in the town loved it.

The resident received complaints to the city and, received a letter from the city in response.

Calbury received a letter from the city after a neighbor complained.

In the letter, the city stated that the flowerbed coffin violated bylaw no. 2020-106 which prohibits “the use of certain lands for the disposal of waste.” They demanded that she remove the coffin within a week.

Calbury had to move not only the one in her front yard, but even the ones in her backyard too.

“So the letter was basically just saying that I’m infringing on the waste bylaw and that the complaint was made on July 5.

“ had until July 19 to remove both coffins, not the one on the front lawn specifically, but both even the one in my backyard," she told Global News.

Obviously, Calbury was not having it.

Calbury was angry and felt that the treatment was unjust.

“I said there’s absolutely no way someone can tell me what I can do on my property when we keep our property immaculate,” Calbury said.

Instead of removing the coffins, Calbury decided to issue a petition.

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Calbury called local authorities, the city mayor, and even other organizations to fight the issue. She also created a change.org petition online and shared it around amongst friends.

Eventually, she received a call from the city with some positive news.

The city decided to "drop the case."

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Scott Rosts, a communications officer with the city of St. Catharines, told Global News:

“While the City of St. Catharines does not discuss the specific details of ongoing bylaw enforcement matters, the city can confirm that upon further review by bylaw this file has been closed and no further action will be taken."

Calbury was happy that she was able to keep her lawn coffin beds right where she wants them.

On Instagram, she thanked those who supported her, saying:

"We fought the law and.... WE WON! we are so pumped on this! Big thank to everyone who did their part to get the word out and show their support for us! We ended with 177 signatures! We appreciate you guys so much!!!"