22 Petty Neighbors We Wouldn't Want Next Door

Let me ask you a question: do you have good neighbors? If you do, then you're definitely lucky. One of the things that are so important when you buy a new house is finding out what the neighbors are like.

If you end up getting stuck with bad neighbors, it could mean years of headaches. These folks found out the hard way just how petty their neighbors are, ha, ha!

1. This Neighbor Who Needs A Driving Lesson

Don't you get super irritated when people park their car and take up two spaces instead of just one? Well, this neighbor pretty much pushed enough buttons to get this kind of lesson.

2. This Trashy Move

"Our neighbors drag their trash bags out their front door and down our communal hallway/stairway, creating a literal trash juice trail," this Redditor shared. That's totally uncool. At least they could clean it up. Am I right?

3. This Picture Of Laziness

It's totally okay if you run out of an ingredient for a recipe. It's quite another when you're just too lazy to do anything. I'm surprised this neighbor didn't ask them to do the dishes, too.

4. This Honest Admission

Oh my goodness, ha, ha! Heck, at least they fessed up and brought the doorknob back. I guess it could have been much worse. They could have ended up in the hospital after they tried to eat it.

5. This Lovely Exchange

We have an outdoor cat, so I can attest to the fact that they do what they want. However, this cat sounds like he can walk a tightrope ha, ha. And I would definitely pay to see that.

6. This Obvious Omission

God forbid you share a tiny piece of grass patch with your neighbor. If they're as petty as this one they might do a trick like this too. Ah, just mow the rest of it already, really.

7. This Passive Aggressive Move

You told them once, you told them twice, and now you have to just resort to this, ha, ha! Who else is wondering how this story unfolds? I have to admit I would love to know.

8. This Paranoid Neighbor

"If I make a single peep, My neighbor behind me kicks on his LED spotlights in his backyard. Attempted to say hello a few times because I can hear him walking around and he refuses to respond. I opened the back door to let my dog out and he did this."

Wow, just wow!

9. This Tit For Tat

Oh, come on! I honestly don't know who's worse in this scenario here. Is it the neighbor with the fireworks at midnight or the guy who mowed his lawn on purpose at 6:45 a.m.? Whose side are you on, huh?

10. This Smelly Situation

Nothing like the smell of cigarettes wafting into your kitchen on a breezy summer's day. I've lived in many apartments before, but I'm super grateful I never had downstairs neighbors like these. I would have something to say about this, that's for sure.

11. This Not-So-Subtle Neighbor

Tell us what you really think, ha, ha. Wow, this person takes the cake for being the least subtle. I wonder what their neighbor did to them to end up on Google maps like that.

12. This Accurate Description

If you've ever had upstairs neighbors who stomp when they walk, you'll get a kick out of this. Perhaps you should buy them a pair of soft slippers and just slip them onto their doormat. What do you think of that?

13. These Illegal Fireworks

There's something to be said about careless neighbors. If you do decide to set up illegal fireworks in your neighborhood, at least be safe. These cars got torched because a fire erupted. Oh my goodness. This is terrible.

14. This Class Act

Wow, I get that you hate your neighbor, but do you have to be that mean, lol? Why not just be the bigger guy and send the guy a veggie pizza he can enjoy? Why so petty, why?

15. This Friendly Reminder

Okay, confession time: Our next-door neighbors have a dog. We don't have a fence between us, so the dog frequently does his business in our yard. Should I do this next time he leaves his enormous doo-doo on our grass?

16. This Next-Door Jokester

COULD you imagine if your neighbor was a constant jokester? I think that's the case here. If I woke up in the morning and went downstairs to get my mail and saw this, I would have had a heart attack, ha, ha!

17. This Surprise At Your Door

Have you ever come home only to find one of your neighbors passed out at your door? No? Well, then you should consider yourself lucky. I wonder how long it took for this guy to come to it.

18. When Life Catches Up With You

As much as watching Breaking Bad was fun, I still wouldn't want to live next to a meth head. This lady tried to evade Police a few times but this time, life caught up with her.

18. This Funny Act

So, you were hoping for that prime parking spot for some people visiting you. Unfortunately, your funny neighbor beat you to it. Who does he think he is, huh? I wouldn't be laughing if I were you.

19. This Creative Sign

Oh my goodness, ha, ha! I guess when you try it all, and it doesn't work, it's time to get creative. I have to give it to these folks for coming up with the funniest sign.

20. This Rude Awakening

So imagine this scenario: You get woken up at 4 a.m. with the sound of glass shattering. Then, you go to your front door to find this mess. I guess your neighbor got wasted and forgot where he lives again.

21. This Driveway Bandit

I guess this is one way to find out your new neighbor isn't a fan of sharing. At least they could have come to introduce themselves first before pulling this crappy move, eh? That's not nice.

22. This Crappy Move

When you have a mango tree, you should really make sure it doesn't go over someone else's property line. Otherwise, you may need to resort to doing something like this. I don't know about you, but I think it's a pretty jerk move!

Oh wow, I don't know what to say about all of this.

I guess we are just lucky that we have pretty good neighbors. But if you've had to deal with petty situations, let me know in the comments below.