9+ Easy Ways To Decorate With What You Already Have

Stuck at home, but still hoping to give your home a bit of a refresh? Don't have the budget to make big renovations? No worries, I got you.

Using things around your house (and maybe a few cheap supplies), we can make the change you're craving happen. Let's do this.

Move those curtains.

The DIY Playbook

To give any room the illusion of being taller, move the curtain rods above the actual top of the window. The length of the curtains will help elongate the whole room.

Show your stuff off.

Do you have some treasured knick knacks, or small objects you keep in drawers? Put them out! Treasured things make for great, personal decor. You never know what things might look good together!

Paint it all.

Whether you have some old house paint or some spare cans of spray paint, I think we can all agree paint makes a big impact. Painting furniture is a quick way to give an old piece a new look.

Use washi tape as frames.

Burlap & Blue

If you're an avid washi tape collector (looking at you, scrapbookers), you'll be pleased to know that washi tape makes great picture frames! You can make the frame any size, and it's easily removable.

Make your own pillow covers.

Instagram | @joann_stores

If you're handy with a sewing machine or a needle and thread, you can turn any bit of fabric in your house into new pillow cases, or even curtains! Hey, it worked the opposite way for Maria in The Sound of Music.

Swap out your color palette.

If you're growing tired of your decor, why not swap the colors out? Creating a new palette with similar-looking colors will help bring some brightness to any room. Steal some pillows and blankets from other rooms to switch it up!

A no-brainer, but: rearrange your furniture.

This is the easiest and biggest way to make an impact for $0. I would suggest making sure you don't suffer from "wall-itis," aka the instinct to line up furniture along walls. Use the space you have!

Rearrange your books.

Bibliophiles: look away. While this method may enrage certain book-lovers, some home-decor lovers will love it. Arrange your books according to their book cover color and watch a rainbow come to life!

Utilize the paper in your house.

Autumn + Ash

If you have any uniquely-patterned papers or wrapping paper in your home, you can use them to redo the back of cabinets or give furniture some new personality!

Make your clothes a centerpiece.

Got a lot of hats, but zero hat storage? No problem. Things like hats, scarves, and even shoes make for great home decor. Hats look especially great when hung on the wall!

Reduce, reuse, recycle.


Old glass jars and bottles make for amazing bits of decor. They can become pencil cups, makeup brush holders, or even vases for plants! Simply clean them out, remove the labels, and get creative!

Put your jewelry on display.

Etsy | MySideOfTheGarage

Much like hats and scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, and watches all make great display items. Their shine and sparkle adds a bit of glam to any room. And who doesn't want glam?

Display your memories.

Printing out Instagram posts, pictures with friends and family, or some favorite shots you've taken is a great way to create yourself some free wall decor. Turn your own memories into art!

Solve problems with ribbon.

The Family Handyman

Listen, ribbon can really fix so many issues. Curtains hanging weird? Tie them back with ribbon. Ugly towel rods? Wrap them with ribbon. The sky is seriously the limit, guys.