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Strange Marriage Laws That People Might Be Breaking Without Knowing

Whoever said "marriage is bliss" clearly didn't protest the insane marriage laws that exist around the world.

For instance, one state has made it illegal to kiss your spouse on Sundays. Another prevents couples from sleeping nude in hotels!

The list of craziness, both before and after marriage, goes on and on. Here are 10+ of them.

1. You can't marry the same man four times in Kentucky.

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Bad news if you're the marrying kind, like these celebs who married the same person multiple times.

If you think about it, this law is actually a good thing. If a marriage hasn't worked three times already, it's probably not a good idea to try again.

2. Married couples can't sleep nude in a rented room in Salem, Massachusetts.

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Given the fact that this law exists in Salem, we have to wonder if a so-called "witch" caused the need for this rule. So much for a steamy vacay night!

3. Men over 16 can't propose marriage and not mean it in South Carolina.


Believe it or not, doing so to seduce a woman means committing a misdemeanor under the Offenses Against Morality and Decency Act.

This is a pretty good way to ensure someone is serious about marriage.

4. Married couples can't kiss in public on Sundays in Hartford, Connecticut.

This blue law exists since it's Sunday, the Lord's day.

So if you're in a super romantic mood, you'll have to eat a lot of garlic to prevent yourself from getting thrown in jail.

5. Palm readers and fortune tellers can't officiate a wedding in New Orleans.

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This law seems a little silly, considering you can have an Elvis impersonator wed you in Las Vegas.

But it does prevent drunk people on Bourbon Street from visiting a fortune teller late at night.

6. If a man promises to marry a woman, he is legally obligated to go through with it in South Carolina.

No runaway grooms are allowed there!

As wacky as this law is, it does give people a sigh of relief that their groom can't exactly get cold feet. If they do, they'll find themselves paying for it.

7. A husband can't kick his wife out of bed in Lebanon, Virginia.

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She could be snoring up a storm and the husband can't do a thing!

Maybe this is why it's more common for women to make their husbands sleep on the couch?

8. You can get married by proxy in only a few select states.

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If you don't know what married by proxy means, it's when either the bride or groom has someone stand-in for them at their wedding.

The states that allow this are California, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, and Montana.


Speaking of Montana, it's the only state that allows double-proxy weddings. This basically means that neither the bride nor groom has to show up.

9. Mistreatment of mother-in-law isn't grounds for divorce in Wichita, Kansas.

Good news for men who really, really dislike their mother-in-law!

They can pretty much treat their MIL any way they want, which is hopefully with respect regardless of their feelings toward them.

10. A wife must obtain written permission from her husband before wearing false teeth in Vermont.

We're not sure why this law exists.

Maybe it's to prevent wives from getting dentures in the first place? It's not the sexiest accessory, after all.

11. You can't get married in Mississippi and Tennessee if you're intoxicated.


The county clerk can deny those who seem drunk or legally insane.

This law should exist in every state to help save a lot of intoxicated people from making decisions they will soon regret.

12. A man can't get married in Truro, Massachusetts until he's killed birds.

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Yes, killing birds is a marriage requirement. Specifically, they have to kill three crows or six blackbirds as a way to prove their manliness.

13. You have to do a blood test before getting married in Montana.

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Montana is the only state that has this law. Unless exempt, it's done to test for rubella immunity. Rubella is a contagious viral infection, also called the German Measles.

The results of the blood test must be shown to the person who proposed marriage.

The only way couples can bypass this law is if they both file an informed consent form, which means that they acknowledge that they are declining the rubella immunity testing.