Mom's 'Sock Monster' Hack Teaches Kids To Clean Up Their Dirty Socks

We all know that getting kids to do anything can be a pain in you know what. That's especially true when it comes to chores.

How many times have you picked up your kids' dirty socks off of the floor? Too many, huh? Well, this mom came up with a clever hack that you can do right now. And it's pretty genius.

Julie who goes by the TikTok handle @juliestory is one tired mama.

After years of trying to get her kids to put their dirty socks away, she had enough. She knew she had to do something different this time around. And boom, there it was.

She came up with a brilliant idea.

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Not only are her kids putting away their dirty socks themselves in one spot, but they're excited to do it, too. Wow! So, how did she make them do it? Let's find out. Shall we?

Julie created what she calls the "sock monster."

Ha, ha! But what is it exactly, you ask? It's basically a box that she made to look like a monster. You see, this monster gets hungry a lot, and he only eats dirty socks.

Aha! I'm starting to get the idea.

Now, when Julie's kids come home, they know they have to put their dirty socks in the sock monster, or else he gets very angry. Ha, ha, isn't that the cutest thing or what?

Julie explains that it's really easy to DIY this sock monster yourself.

All you need is a shoebox. Cut out a hole in the middle so the kids can put the socks through it. Spray paint the box. Then, make a face using felt.

Make sure you make the face look extra angry, so the kids know how serious this task is.

Now, they will never miss giving the monster their dirty socks to devour. And, of course, you're winning because you don't have to chase after them and pick up their socks.

As it turns out, this #momhack is becoming quite a hit.

Everybody seems to love Julie's idea, and most of the people aren't even moms yet, ha, ha! The commenters are all raving about the cool concept and saying they will do it when they have their own kids.

Even some kids have chimed in, and they pretty much want their own 'sock monster' now too.

Oh my goodness, ha, ha! I guess it's just that much of a fantastic idea. I think Julie really hit the jackpot here.

So let me ask you: Do you think Julie is on to something?

If you implement this, would it work in your household? I have to say it's worth a try. I mean, it'll only take you a few minutes to make this sock monster box.

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