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School Teaches Chores To Boys To Battle Gender Inequality

More and more, people are realizing that families benefit when both a husband and wife do their fair share of chores.

To ensure that their students are equipped for their own households one day, one school in Spain has launched a program that teaches young men a few essential life skills. Many are praising these innovative classes.

In many households these days, husbands and wives equally share in tasks like cooking and cleaning.

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These activities were once considered "women's work," but the fact that many women work outside the home now has shifted these attitudes.

One school in Spain has gone a step further by introducing courses that teach male and female students valuable life skills.

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Colegio Montecastelo in Vigo, Spain recently launched an initiative that would teach male students skills like cooking, cleaning, and sewing.

The school came up with the idea as a way to combat gender inequality.

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The classes are taught by volunteers from the school administration, as well as by some of the fathers of the students.

When the school proposed the idea to parents, they were overwhelmingly supportive of the program.

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A few of the students were unsure at first, but warmed up to the classes as they realized the tasks were simple and could be done by anyone.

Overall, educators hope that this program teaches young men that it takes two to run a home.

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The days of women doing these chores on their own are dwindling. While this program is unique to the Spanish school, in North America, people are calling on reviving home economics classes for all students to teach them real life skills.

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