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The Internet Is Divided After Mom Of 4 Shows Budget-Friendly Meal Prep Hack

Being a parent is not easy. I know, right? WHAT a hot take, amirite?!

But seriously, being responsible for a tiny human and keeping them fed, clothed, and loved is a full-time job. I'm all for time-saving hacks, and things to make everyone's lives easier. However, a mom is facing backlash online because her budget-friendly meal prep hack isn't the most eco-friendly.

When it comes to daily tasks, school lunches is by far one of the most time-consuming parts of being a parent.

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We all want to give our children a well-balanced, healthy meal every single day but unfortunately, it's not realistic for many working parents!

Social media is filled with parents sharing their lunch box hacks for their kids.

And as beautiful as they look, they are time-consuming! When a parent has 15 minutes in the morning to prep everyone's lunch, cute food isn't happening.

Thankfully, there are parents out there like *us* who understand Instagram worthy lunches aren't essential.

In an effort to help out other parents, Australian mother-of-four Sarah took to a budget Facebook group last week to share her time-saving sandwich hack.

How controversial can that be, right?

Showing her time-saving tip, Sarah shared pictures of the meal prep she does weekly to cover her children's school lunches.

The budget-friendly hack involves making tons of sandwiches with her kid's favorite toppings and freezing them for the week.

"Sunday — groceries are delivered and we meal prep, " Sarah wrote alongside an image of sandwiches spread out on her kitchen counter, as per Daily Mail.

The picture showed salami and cheese, ham and cheese, PB & J, and Vegemite and cheese sandwiches on sliced white bread.

All ready to go, Sarah then explained she sets them in the freezer, and her kids will thaw one out daily for their lunch!

The controversy sparked when Sarah showed how she froze the sandwiches.

"No comments about the plastic bags please Karens," she added to the caption.

Naturally, the most got a lot of attention because it's a great idea, but also because of the plastic baggies — that's how the internet works!

"I had no idea you could do this but as a single mum I want to thank you for the tip. We all know what I am doing tomorrow," one woman commented.

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"I reckon well done and great mumming, providing lunch that kids enjoy and actually eat is a great success," echoed another.

However, other people couldn't let the plastic bags slide.

"I'm not trying to be a Karen but if we don't ALL start to take our environment seriously then there will be in huge trouble," commented one concerned FB user.

"Foil is a great and more environmentally friendly option if anyone is interested in using a more sustainable method," said a different user.

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"Foil can be recycled and I find the food keeps better too because you can wrap them tight."

Others recommended using biodegradable or reusable sandwich bags — all of which are great ideas!

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Or, they can do what I do and just reuse the bags over and over again — you get the best of both worlds!

I think finding a more environmentally conscious way of executing this hack will truly save the day for so many parents out there!

What do you think of the hack? Let us know in the comments below!

h/t: Daily Mail