Don't Mind Me, Just Waiting For The Day Women Won't Have To Explain Every Parenting Decision They Make

Being a parent is one of the most precious gifts a person can be given. Being able to shape and form young minds while teaching our children the ups and downs of the world is truly an unexplainable privilege.

Unfortunately, now more than ever, women are scrutinized and mommy-shamed for every decision they make as a parent, and honestly, I'm about done.

Sadly, being mommy-shamed isn't a new concept.

Women have had their mothering criticized by friends, family, and of course in-laws, since the dawn of time.

However, the presence of social media has amplified these issues, creating a truly toxic place for moms.

Now let me be clear, this article is not in reference to parents supporting scientifically proven dangers to children.

I'm talking about moms who are shamed for everyday things like breastfeeding in public, choosing to formula feed, letting their children use iPads, how they dress their children, how many children they choose to have, how they feed their children, how they hold their baby, etc.

It seems like women can truly do *nothing* right when it comes to parenting.

But please, let's continue to let society praise dads for doing the bare minimum.

Oh, your husband went grocery shopping with your child? No, he's not a super dad — he's just a dad, doing dad things!

As long as a child is happy and healthy, there is no reason to question how they're being mothered.

It's important to raise other mothers up instead of tearing them down because chances are, they're trying just as hard as you are to get things right!

Have you ever experience mommy-shaming? Let us know in the comments below!