9+ Budget-Friendly Ideas To Upgrade A Bedroom

If there's one space in your home that has to be cozy, it's the bedroom. I refuse to even bring in a TV into ours for fear of it ruining our chill vibe, ha, ha!

If you're like me I bet you'll enjoy these products. They'll help you create a sanctuary in your bedroom that all your friends will be so envious of.

1. Under-The-Bed Storage Organizers


Organizing your bedroom is an easy way to update it and make it cozier. It's hard to relax in a messy room, right? These organizers store neatly under the bed for some extra and much-needed organization.

2. This Quilted Comforter


You can't get any cozier than with a comfy, lightweight comforter, can you? This is a must-have item for any bedroom set-up. This one looks like it would be a pleasure to sleep in. I'm getting sleepy now, ha, ha!

3. This LED Table Lamp


This 360-degree adjustable table lamp is just what the doctor ordered. It will create the kind of soothing light your eyes will need after a long and tiring day. I bet you'll be asleep in no time.

4. This White Noise Machine


If you're the type of person who gets easily distracted by noises you should think about getting a white noise machine. It will block out any annoying sounds that can bother you, so it's worth a try.

5. This Sunlight Stimulating Alarm Clock


I'm one of those people who dreads waking up in the morning. If there was a better way to ease into it, I'm all for it. This alarm clock can gradually stimulate the sunrise so you wake up in a gentle way. Ah!

6. This Air Purifying Plant


Not everyone knows that there are certain plants that help purify the air in your home. It's definitely worth looking into getting a few of those, especially for your bedroom. That way you can fall asleep much better.

7. This Glowlight Frame Shelf

Uncommon Goods

Speaking of plants, how about a cool way to display them? This glowlight frame shelf can do that and more. It will also provide some light if your room doesn't get enough natural light. That's so handy.

8. This WiFi Range Extender


If you notice that your wifi signal isn't as strong in some of the rooms of your house, don't worry. You can always get yourself this wifi range extender so you can have that last online chat before bed.

9. LED Night Lights

If you love to gaze at the moon and stars you can bring that same feeling right into your bedroom. This awesome night light will create super cool patterns on your ceiling. Fall asleep while you gaze at the pretty patterns.

10. These Cozy Pillows

Nothing welcomes me more into my bed than cozy pillows. The fluffier the pillow, the better, ha, ha! There's something so soothing to be able to sink into the bed resting your head against the warmth and softness of the perfect pillow.

11. These City Skyline Curtains


What can be better than looking out into your windows and seeing beautiful city skyline at night? Am I right? But did you know you can now create this view by using special curtains? Wow, that's so cool.

12. LED String Lights

What better way to create a cozy atmosphere than by hanging up some soft LED string lights? I've always wanted to do this in my bedroom. I think it looks really inviting and pretty. Don't you think so, too?

13. This Floral Accent Wall

I've seen something like this before. What a cool way to create a fun and pretty accent wall in your bedroom. I especially love the fact that it frames the mirror as well. This is so chic and easy to DIY with some faux flowers.

14. This Indoor Hammock

There is one thing I've always wanted to have in my bedroom and that's a hammock. It can create such a zen vibe. I would absolutely love this hammock to sit in, relax, and read a book.

Honestly, I gotta bring my bedroom game up a notch.

I've been inspired by all these cozy concepts. Now I need to get myself some of these awesome items and I'll be all set. How about you? Are you digging these?