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Self-Proclaimed Universal Orlando Expert Shares Tips On How We Can Save Money At Parks

Every family loves planning trips to Disney World with their kids. Whether you're a big family, or you even want to go just with your spouse and friends, going to Disney World is expensive.

From hotel stays to park tickets and passes to food and all the in-betweens, going to Disney World can cost you a pretty penny if you are not smart. Luckily, there are people who are here to help us save and still enjoy our trip.

Carly Caramanna visits Universal Orlando once a month.

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Talking to Insider, Caramanna said she has been going to Universal Orlando since it opened and now she goes there once a month.

Over the years, she has discovered ways to totally save money, and now, she's sharing it with all of us, too.

Caramanna says to always stay at an on-site hotel.

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If you're planning to spend your vacation at Universal the entire time, staying at an on-site hotel will save you tons of money. "Staying off-site means having to deal with expensive ride-shares or parking prices," Caramanna says.

On-site guests also get to access the park earlier than the rest of the crowds!

Also, before picking a hotel, map out your days.

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If you're not going to be at the hotel often, going for a less expensive hotel with less amenities and perks may be your better option. If you're someone who is going to be at the hotel more often, then getting on with a pool and different activities may be better.

Basically, don't spend the money on things you won't use.

Think about how often you want to go to Universal.

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If you're a family that loves Universal and wants to go often, Caramanna says investing in an "annual pass" may be worth it.

"But Universal Orlando Resort's annual-pass holder program starts at $350, so even if you're only planning on visiting two or three times a year, it could save you money," she said.

On your last day, you can store your luggage at the park.

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If you want to make your last day count and head out in the evening instead of the morning after checkout, you can take your luggage with you to the park.

"I've saved time and money by storing my luggage inside the resort's 'gratuitous bailment service' located at the lost and founds in both theme parks," Caramanna says.

Don't splurge on extras that don't pay off.

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Caramanna says that both the dining plan and the photo plan are not worth the prices.

The dining plan restricts you to specific places and times, which no one wants on their vacation. And, with smartphones today, you can take photos just as well as the professionals at the park.

Always go to your main attraction first.

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Whatever your dream ride or attraction is, go there first.

"Many of Universal Orlando's most sought-after attractions are affected by rain, thunderstorms, and colder temperatures, which can cause them to shut down for extended periods," says Caramanna.

With Florida's unpredictable weather, you don't want to get shut out!

And, always look out for the sales!

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Like everyday shopping, no one wants to pay high prices on items.

"Universal frequently offers a wide selection of merchandise on sale, so make sure to scan the stores for those sections before you settle on an item," says Caramanna.

Always be on the look out for those limited time sales!

Always pack light for the day.

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"Rides like Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts and The Incredible Hulk Coaster offer free lockers for loose items and small bags. But if you have a larger backpack, you might have to pay $2 to store your items while you wait in line," Caramanna says.

Save money by packing light so you don't need a storage locker.

Are you also a Universal Orlando expert? What are your tips to save money at the parks?

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