Disney World Employee Advises People What To Not Spend Their Money On

Jordan Claes

Since the first brick was laid, Disney World has been considered by millions to be the most magical place on earth. But with the cost of admissions sitting at well over $100 a day — it's not a cheap vacation.

If you want to visit Disney World and not break the bank, you're going to have to be strategic. Now, thanks to an ex-Disney World employee, we now know what we can stop spending our money on.

Kayleigh Price worked at Disney World for a little over two years.

In that time, Kayleigh saw plenty of people flush their money down the drain on trivial and completely unnecessary items.

"With park tickets, accommodations, food, and transportation, a Disney trip can quickly add up," Kayleigh explains in an essay, published via Insider.

"And that's before you even factor in fun bonus buys, like souvenirs and treats."

Unsplash | Brian McGowan

So in an effort to help Disney World patrons spend smarter, Kayleigh decided to put her knowledge to good use.

Kayleigh begins by explaining that water is one of the biggest unnecessary costs that tourists make.

A bottle of water at Disney World can cost upwards of $5! If you're there with your family or a group of people — those costs can quickly get out of hand.

Instead, Kayleigh suggests that tourists ask for a free cup of water from any of the conveniently located quick-service dining spots, located throughout the park.

Unsplash | Gui Avelar

She says that you are also allowed to bring in a personal use water bottle.

One of the most popular souvenirs at Disney World are commemorative pins, but you'd do better to hold off.


Pin collecting has become increasingly popular with Disney World patrons over the years.

So much so, that park employees will trade their pins with guests upon request.

Kayleigh recommends buying cheaper pins in bulk and online before coming to the park.

Unsplash | Andrijana Bozic

That way, you'll be able to get the ones you actually want from the park employees without breaking the bank.

Whatever you do, don't buy more than one refillable popcorn bucket.

Purchasing a refillable popcorn bucket will bring down the cost of popcorn from $5 to $2, so it's well worth the investment if you and your family would like a light snack to munch on throughout the day.

That being said, every single member of your party doesn't need one.

Giphy | Disney

In fact, if you happen to purchase a bucket and plan to return to the park — hang on to it!

Disney employees will be more than happy to refill it the next time you visit.

If the bulk of your visit will be spent at the parks — don't waste your money on an expensive resort.

Giphy | ABC Network

Disney resorts offer some of the most incredible and luxurious amenities of any theme park/resort in the entire world.

But at the end of the day, it's still just a place to rest your head for many people.

Kayleigh suggests that families save money by staying in a discount hotel, some of which can be as cheap as $150 a night.

Unsplash | Héctor Vásquez

Whereas the most expensive Disney World resort will cost you well over $1000 a night.

You don't need to pay for PhotoPass.

After spending a considerable amount of money on making magical life-lasting memories, pictures are a must and that's perfectly understandable.

But instead of wasting your money and paying for photos after every ride, simply ask for a park employee to take your photo.

That way, you'll actually be smiling, instead of screaming for dear life whilst hanging upside down on a rollercoaster.

Unsplash | Joel Sutherland

It's a much more complimentary look for you and your loved ones, that is definitely for sure.

Most importantly — you do not need as much merchandise as you think you do.

Disney World stores can make you feel like Charlie Bucket wandering around inside Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Kayleigh stresses that restraint in these situations is paramount — especially if you happen to be traveling with small children.

So next time you go to Disney, you can keep all of this in mind.

Giphy | Mickey Mouse

Be sure to ask yourselves "Will I ever use this again?"

By choosing to stand firm, you could wind up saving yourself hundreds of dollars by the end of your vacation.