TikTok User Claims To Receive Lifetime Ban From Disney World For Trespassing

As you may be aware, there's a pretty vibrant online community for urban explorers with a penchant for showing off abandoned and otherwise secluded locations that most of us wouldn't otherwise see.

For a time, a popular destination for these explorers were the closed off areas found throughout Walt Disney World. Not only did the size of the park make it relatively easy to slip in restricted areas unnoticed, but it also presented a chance to see how former attractions have aged since the company shuttered them.

However, if one were to post the results of their Disney explorations now, they'd likely find the Walt Disney Company's reaction to their presence more hard-nosed than it used to be. And based on his latest video, one TikTok up-and-comer found this out the hard way.

On May 4, TikTok user Jason Jeter posted a video detailing a situation that began with him being surrounded by Disney security while he was parked at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Although he found this suspicious, he got out of his car and figured, "what's the worst that could happen?"

But in his words, "the worst happened" because he soon learned that members of the Orange County Sheriff's Office were also present to serve him with this trespass warning.

As he would learn from the Disney staff, this warning served as his notice that he was banned from the park.

As he went on to explain in the clip you can see here, this was nothing less than a lifetime ban.

His earlier videos make it clear that he's a passionate Disney aficionado so this came as very disheartening news to him.

But what he felt added insult to injury was the fact that Disney security followed him home to ensure he truly left the park.

Although it's unclear what incident led to this trespassing warning, it doesn't mark the first time that Jeter has run afoul of the Walt Disney Company.

In a different TikTok released on March 18, he claimed that he had been fired from Disney as a result of TikToks he had filmed at the park.

One of them saw him walk into this wedding venue and show how easy it was for people who weren't authorized to be there to gain access.

The other video that allegedly got him in trouble didn't feature a restricted area but instead showed him drinking from the park's decorative water fountains.

Considering they're not intended for drinking, it's not exactly surprising that he didn't like the taste of most of them.

Although Insider received no response from Disney when they attempted to confirm Jeter had worked with them, he said that these two videos apparently convinced his manager that he could no longer be allowed "backstage."

And now, that seems to apply to Walt Disney World in general.

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