Woman Makes Unexpected Discovery From Her Childhood In A Goodwill Furniture Purchase

Thrifting is such a fun thing to do. Not only do you get to purchase something once loved by someone else, but who can beat a good price, right?

But what if you buy a piece of furniture that's an actual blast from the past? That's exactly what happened to this one lady, and her story is so interesting I just had to share it with all of you.

A woman named Valencia went thrifting to look for some nightstands.

Unsplash | Julian Hochgesang

She ended up bringing home two of them. And while she was opening the drawers, she actually discovered something quite shocking to her. Wait until you hear this, okay?

She found a note, which looked like it was scribbled by a child.

Get this: It contained her old home phone number from about 15 years ago, and her mom’s cellphone number. OMG, wow! What are the chances of that, huh?

Obviously, Valencia was quite shaken by this discovery.

But then she started looking through other drawers. She ended up finding the name of the little girl who wrote the note, and she tracked her down via Facebook. And guess what?

As it turns out, the little girl was a childhood friend of her sister Carly.

The fact that Valencia ended up finding this particular nightstand is quite remarkable. I mean, especially since she lives in San Diego, home to about 3 million people.

She was so floored by this whole experience she had to post about this on TikTok.

And needless to say, her video totally went viral. Most people were amazed by it too. Isn't it so crazy how the universe works, huh?

She got so many comments from folks, and many of them started sharing their own trippy coincidences.

I'm going to share a few of them with you here because they're so fascinating to read. I can't stop reading this thread, hehe.

Can you believe this lady here?

I would love to find my mom's dollhouse. Sadly, I don't think she ever owned one as my mom grew up pretty poor. I bet it must've been so special for this lady, though.

How about this story here?

I find it quite unbelievable too. I mean, what are the odds of that happening to you? I wonder how this VHS even ended up at the thrift store in the first place, huh? So weird.

Let me ask you now, has something as odd as this ever happened to you?

I would love to hear more of these stories. So if you have one, please share it with all of us below. The more, the merrier, hehe.