8+ Times People Gave Thrift Store Finds A New Lease On Life

Who here loves thrifting? How about turning those thrifted items into something new and amazing?

I have to admit I haven't been to a thrift store in a while. But once we're able to shop more freely, I'm making a stop. I'm super inspired by these upcycled items that got a new lease on life. Check them out and let me know your favorite.

1. This Pants Switch Job

This lady is showing us all that you can turn any old pants into the cutest skirt. It's really easy if you have some basic sewing skills. I don't know about you, but I love this adorable skirt.

2. This Upcycled Chair

This crafty person found a cushionless chair in the alley. Then they gave it some fresh paint and a new seat from woven thrift store belts! Wow, who knew that was even possible? That belt trick is genius, no?

3. This Blender Lamp

You might be wondering what you're looking at here, right? Well, this guy upcycled a 1970s Osterizer blender and turned it into a funky lamp. The colors are so bad, but so good (ugly yellow and pea green).

4. This Celestial Desk Organizer

This person recently thrifted a beat-up desk organizer. They filled in the gaps, sanded it down, and painted it black. Then, they did the trim in gold and free-handed the celestial design. How pretty is this?

5. This Hot Number

This young lady bought herself a dress that was a little too old-looking. So, she had a great idea how to turn it into a hot little number like this one. I adore this mini now.

6. These Blanket Pants

What can you do with an old fuzzy blanket? Well, if you're this person, you can turn it into the warmest winter pants. I don't know, but there's something kind of chic about these, ha, ha!

7. This Chair Flip

You never know what goodies you can find at the Goodwill store. In this case, an old chair got a new lease on life. After a thorough cleaning and some adjustments, this chair went to a new loving home.

8. This Fun Dress

This pretty lady found a beautiful piece of fabric in the thrift store. So she decided to make it into a sundress with a little vintage touch! I think it's adorable. How about you? Do you love it?

9. This Old Console Table

What would you do if you found an old sideboard/console table at a charity shop? Would you take it home? This clever person did, and they remade it into something a lot prettier! I'm definitely impressed.

10. These Dress Shirt Shorts

Now that summer is almost here, I'm always on the lookout for cute shorts to wear. But I had no idea I can just use an old dress shirt to create something like this. Wow, nice!

11. These Cool Lounge Chairs

I absolutely love to lounge in our backyard on a comfy chair. But those lounge chairs can get pretty pricey. Am I right? I wish I had skills like this person to turn old chairs into fabulous ones like these babies.

12. This Antique Loveseat Remake

I love when people take old furniture and give it a new purpose. This antique loveseat looked like it was abandoned by a church or something, ha, ha! But now it's the perfect place for this little kitty to lounge.

13. This Lace Beauty

I always commend those people with mad sewing skills, and this is no exception. This smart lady upcycled a thrifted blouse and lace scraps into a silk lace cami. Oh my gosh, I'm in love with this.

14. This '50s Hairdryer

One Reddit user found this old-school hairdryer dating back to the 1950s at a thrift store. They converted it into a reading lamp that even has a dimmer to control the lamp's brightness.

15. This Vintage Suitcase

According to this Reddit user, a vintage suitcase from the thrift store got a second life when some ottoman legs were added to it. Now, it's a unique coffee table.

Wow, is it just me, or are you super impressed by these upcycled thrifted makeovers?

I really wish I had skills like these talented folks. I think we all learned a thing or two here. How about it? Do you feel smarter now?