13 Embroidery Tattoo Designs That Look Like They Were Stitched By Hand

Don't you love it when two art forms intertwine together to create a brand new design? That's exactly what embroidery tattoos are.

Typically, when you think of embroidery, you imagine your grandma's handiwork. But that can't be further from what you're about to see right now. Modern embroidery tattoo art is stunning, to say the least. Get ready to be amazed by these.

1. This Fun Piece

What did I tell you? This isn't your grandmother's kind of embroidery — that's for sure. In this case, the tattoo artist mixed traditional lines with the embroidery lifting effect. And in the end, I think this really elevated the design.

2. This Floral Design

Oh my goodness, doesn't this look just like real embroidery to you? I mean, that's what I would think if I didn't know it was an actual tattoo. I love the placement of this piece, too.

3. This Elaborate Tattoo

This folky design is both traditional and modern. That's exactly what I really dig about this tattooing technique. It has that old-school charm with the mastery of tattoo art. Whoever did this must surely know their stuff.

4. This Detailed Piece

Oh my goodness, look at the close-up of this pretty bird here. You can totally see the masterful strokes the tattoo artist took. I don't know how they actually do it, but I'm such a fan of this style.

5. This Bowie Tribute

If David Bowie was a cat, this is what he would look like, right? Ha, ha. I have to show this cool tattoo to my fiance who's a musician, and a huge Bowie fan. He'll get a kick out of it.

6. This Gothic Design

While we typically associate embroidery with being old-fashioned, the skeleton hands on this piece give it a gothic edge.

7. This Little Guy

He might be a little guy, but he sure does pack a punch, huh? I love everything about this incredible piece. I can't get over how amazing and colorful this looks on the lucky person's arm.

8. This Rad Tat

If you're a rock 'n roll fan, you'll probably really appreciate this tattoo idea here. I would never have expected to see something like this on one's skin, but there it is. And it fits right in.

9. This Cross-Stitch Piece

Here's a little different take on the embroidery tattoo. This time it looks like a pattern someone would hand stitch. Isn't it such a great idea for a tattoo? I think it's so unique, that's for sure.

10. This Childhood Dream

Oh my goodness. Who else had Popples as a kid? I got one when I was in Italy, and I carried him with me everywhere. I can't believe somebody go an embroidery tattoo of him on their skin.

11. This Detailed Piece

To say that I was in awe of this tattoo would be an understatement. I love how the tattoo artist made the thread glisten like this. It's sparkly, just like real gold thread would have been.

12. This Arm Sleeve

Wow, talking about a dramatic arm piece, huh? I'm sure this was quite the time commitment. I can't imagine how long something like this might've taken. I guess it was a long time but totally worth it in the end.

13. This Gorgeous Rose

Wow, how beautiful is embroidery tattoo rose? I think it's absolutely stunning. So much detail went into making this tattoo. It's very apparent to me. Do you love it as much as I do? I need to know.

Wow, I'm totally blown away by all these impeccable tattoo pieces here.

The embroidery style is really starting to grow on me. Now, if only I could decide on just one design, hehe. Which one of these beautiful works of art is your favorite?

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