11+ Meaningful Tattoo Designs To Keep Memories Alive Forever

Many people get tattoos for unique reasons. Some of those reasons are to remember a special person, an important moment in your life, or an accomplishment.

Today I'd like to share with you a few amazing tattoo designs that celebrate an amazing bond between souls. I hope that they will inspire you so that one day you may embark on this journey too.

1. This Rad Tat

"I finally got my memorial tattoo for the most badass man I ever knew. He either wore Dead shirts or red flannels, so I tributed him with a mixture of his personality. Thought y’all would like it! I’m on the left in the picture," this Redditor shared.

2. This Best Friend Tattoo

This guy got a memorial tattoo of his best bud based on his favorite picture of him. Aww, that is so sweet. Isn't it? I've always wanted to get a tattoo of my dog who passed away.

3. This Furry Friend

This person once said that they would never get a memorial tattoo. Never say never. I guess they changed their mind after all. This is Jupiter and she's still missed very much. Wow, such a unique piece, huh?

4. This Kitty Tat

Reddit | u/Comosellama22

Oh my goodness, what a cute idea for a kitty tribute tattoo, huh? I absolutely love it. I've always wanted to foot tattoo, so this one is giving me all the right feels here. Do you love it, too?

5. This Dad Tat

If you've always wanted to get a memorial tattoo, it doesn't have to be big and bold. You can opt for something as neat and straight to the point like one here. I think it's a fitting one, no?

6. This Tribute To Mom

Even though this lady's mom lost her five-year battle with cancer, she will always be in her heart. Aww, that's is such a sweet sentiment and a fitting tattoo to commemorate a special bond of a mom and daughter.

7. This Black Kitty Tattoos

Black cats are special — just ask anyone who's ever owned one! It's no wonder then why this owner decided to get a tribute tattoo in honor of her kitty.

8. This Boyfriend Tribute

When you've been with someone for a decade, they definitely leave a lasting impression on you. This lady got a beautiful memory of her late boyfriend, who passed away in a car accident. This is one of his favorite symbols he drew.

9. This Mom Tribute

This person's mom must've been a fan of flamingos. I can totally relate to that. Flamingos are by far my favorite birds. I love how vibrant and colorful this piece is here. I can't stop looking at it.

10. This Beautiful Kitty

I'm such a big fan of simple line tattoos. This kitty here is so well-done. For a minimalist tattoo, this one is super cool. What a great idea for a tribute piece, right? I totally dig this.

11. This Tribute To Dad

This person got the most interesting and unusual-looking tattoo to pay tribute to their dad. The fingerprint in the bottom by the roots is part of their father's real fingerprint. Isn't that so amazing and beautiful?

12. This Sweet Gesture

This lady got a memorial tattoo of a picture her husband drew on a card for her. The tattoo artist also mixed in some of her hubby's ashes in the actual ink. He is now a part of her for the rest of her life. Wow!

13. This Tribute To Grandma

If you know anyone who wears lipstick, this tribute tattoo idea would be pretty fitting. I love the subtlety of the design and how meaningful it is, too!

Tribute tattoos are so special for the person who receives them.

They leave a lasting impression on the recipient and help ease the pain of losing the person or animal they loved. Have you ever gotten a tattoo in memory of someone?

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