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Kindergarten Teacher Says Why She Asks Parents To Buy The 16 Box Of Crayons, Not 24

As a kid, one of the only highlights to going back to school was getting to go back-to-school shopping.

For parents, it's more of a chore — still a fun one, sure, but now you're the one paying for it. And to top it off, some teachers have specific supply requests that may seem pretty baffling to some parents.

One teacher, Amy, asks her kindergarteners' parents for a very specific set of crayons.

For early education — like preschool and kindergarten — the 16 pack is preferred. It's a little harder to find and it's a bit more expensive, but the reason is an important one.

It helps the kids learn!

"The math we use, we do a lot of coloring, and they usually ask for a red. They have these two colors in the 24 pack," Amy explained.

Those look pretty similar to me.

The different shades are too confusing.

"So, I'm asking them to color the apple red — and it's pink. And they get frustrated, and I've lost them."

Simplicity is the key to helping kids learn basic skills!

Now, there is a budget concern here.

And there's a workaround! If the 24 pack is cheaper, pick out all of the similar shades until you just have a 16-count crayon box full of primary colors. Problem solved!

Some people still didn't like the way she did things.

They objected to the idea of kids choosing between red and pink, which is so odd to me. Teaching kids colors means, you know, teaching them which colors are which. Red and pink are different colors.

This would be helpful.

If it's more budget-friendly to get the 24 pack (which makes no sense, but that's corporations for you), then teachers should put that in their supply lists! This is an easy fix that will save a lot of headaches.

I feel this.

Listen, I haven't been a high school student for a few years now (don't ask me how many, it'll depress both of us). Even I would find this incredibly frustrating.

This is a hot take, but probably a correct one.

The people who know what's best are the people who studied, trained for, and work at their jobs. Parents don't have in-class experience!

Trusting the professionals is my go-to life advice, actually.

Anyway, Amy seems like a great teacher who knows what she's doing.

Unsplash | Joshua Eckstein

And she clearly cares about her students!

What do you think about this little teacher hack? I think it's a super great way to teach kids their colors!