Teen Saves Up For Her School Trip, But Her Parents Want Her To Share With Siblings

The pandemic has be hard on all of us. Missing out on school trips is definitely one thing that a lot of kids have had to face. And while there are worse things in the world than a missed field trip, that doesn't make it any less upsetting.

This teen has decided to save up for the class trip she's anticipating for the next school year. Unfortunately for her, her parents have other ideas of what she should do with the money.

After missing this year's trip, next year would be her chance.

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This teen, who posted her story to the AITA subreddit, wondered if she was being an asshole for not sharing the money she'd worked hard to save for herself. Her parents wanted her to share it with her younger siblings.

"My (16f) class missed out on our school trip this year because of the pandemic."

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"It happens. But they promised us next year we would get it as a makeup," she states. "I started saving when this was confirmed back in April. I don't have it all saved but I have a good portion started."

Already, it sounds like she has a good work ethic.

But there's a bit more to the story.

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"My parents both lost their jobs due to the pandemic. They're currently in other jobs but making far less. This means less money than before," she continues.

"Pair that with they already struggled to afford five kids and the fact I was always made take the hits so my siblings wouldn't go without and well, it's now a reality that they can't afford four school trips."

"My parents found out I had saved for mine and told me if I shared it all out between my younger siblings they could all go on their trips and I would be a good sister."

"I said no. That they could figure something out or they could teach them to take one for the team like I always had to."

Really, it's her money. She shouldn't have to share it if she doesn't want to, especially if she's working so hard to save it for something she really wants.

And now the other siblings know.

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"My 13 year old sister heard everything, told the others and now everyone in the house is saying I should give it to my siblings and that I'm mean and selfish for not."

That's actually really troubling.

And she really wants to go on her trip.

"This will be my first class trip since I was 7. I actually get to go because I work now and can save for it myself. I know it's hurting my siblings feelings but I feel like I deserve something good too."

Since she always has to sacrifice for the good of her younger siblings, it seems fair that she should have one thing to herself.

This stirred up a lot of heated reactions in the comments.

For the most part, people were on the teen's side. She made that money, and it wouldn't be fair of her parents to expect her to just give it all away. She wants to go on a trip, not save up to send other people on their trips instead.

She was voted NTA.

"What kind of lesson are your parents trying to reach you, here? That if you work hard and save your money patiently for something you really want, you can, uh...give it to someone else?" one comment reads.

"It's teaching me that big siblings must always sacrifice for the younger ones. It definitely would teach me that there is absolutely no positive in being the oldest and it means you have to accept nothing so they can have everything," says another.

The comments offered a lot of good advice and perspectives.

"Siblings do need to look out for each other. However, and this is a BIG however, there is a difference between need and want. Need sometimes requires sacrifice. WANT never does," reads a comment. Those are definitely words worth remembering.

But people had empathy for the parents, too.

People understand that the parents are in a bind, and even though what they're asking of their daughter is unfair, the get where it's coming from.

One commenter says, "share the input and comments from here with them so that they can have some perspective. I am sure they feel guilt and are transferring some guilt to you."

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