Parents Are Marking The Unusual Back-To-School Season With Hilarious Photos

Back-to-school season is always a stressful time of year for every family. When summer winds down and comes to an end, everyone buzzes with anticipation for the upcoming school year.

This year, things are a bit different. With many countries still struggling with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many schools are opting for either remote learning or hybrid learning to begin the 2020-2021 school year. Therefore, many parents are celebrating back-to-school with some new and fun photos.

PJs and coffee: the 2020 uniform.

Virtual learning means everyone is wearing PJs to school, at least on the bottom half. Coffee in hand is necessary because everyone is exhausted from all this COVID-19 stress.

Everyone's in the classroom this year.

Mommy is the teacher of the home-school, and of course, there's a little distraction when the littlest one is in the mix. What a perfect year this is going to be, am I right?

Someone is sick of his humans being home.

If anyone has been stuck inside more than anyone, it's dogs. They probably loved us being home at first, but now, they're sick and tired of us being around.

It's sort of the first day of school.

Whether it's remote or hybrid, it doesn't feel like the very first day of school for anyone. Even if you're going back for a few days, it's just the "kind of, sort of" first day of school.

Remote for everyone.

Laptops and iPads and computers, oh my! Everyone is starting off remote on Zoom and Google Meets, so why not take a smiling photo where the learning is going to go down?

Wiped out.

After sitting on the computer for far too long, this is how everyone is going to feel on the first day of school. We're wiped out just from scrolling all day.

Yes, send help!

Having to be the one to keep everyone together and focused can be hard work for Mom. This home-school situation looks like it's going to be a challenging one.

First day of "virtual" school.

Back to school for fourth and first grade, but it's all virtual over here. Might as well showcase what the year will look like. Your kids will look back on it one day and marvel.

Mask up, everyone.

Masks are now part of every single school's mandated uniform. From polo shirts and khakis, to masks and gloves, everyone is taking precautions this year.

Mom is wearing so many hats this year.

Not only is she the teacher, she's the principal and the lunch lady, too. This family is going to have one wild remote learning experience all around.

Pandemic, but make it fashion.

Going back in person means that some people are stocking up on PPE like it's going out of style. Better for the kids to be safe while in class than catch COVID.

Classrooms are in their rooms this year.

Why not hang up the signs where the classrooms will actually be? Their bedrooms will serve as the classroom for now, as remote learning kicks off the school year for these kids.

From bed, why not?!?

We know high school students don't want to get up in the morning as it is. Might as well showcase where the learning is really taking place, even if it's from bed.

The dog is taking their place this time around.

Ten days into remote learning and kids are ready to be finished already! Look at this family, replacing the students with their family dog. Dogs need to learn, too!

Outdoor learning done right.

Laptops outdoors... What could be better? As long as the WiFi reaches, kids are finding any way to get their education in a safe and comfy way.

Forgot to charge the device!

Remote learning means everything has to be charged up and ready to go for the school day. Otherwise, kids are stuck by the outlets all day long. Couch time for this little guy.

Not everyone is looking forward to going back.

Some of them love it, some of them hate it. Seems like mom and the girls are a bit nervous and uneasy about this school year. What can ya do?

So clever!

It's been so long since these kids have gone back in-person that they haven't been to school since before Spring Break. Seems hilarious.

Elbow bumps and masks, everyone.

No teacher hugs or close circles this year, y'all. Instead, elbow bumps to replace handshakes and hugs for the little ones. Got to keep that spread down. Everyone is being safe, not sorry.

The real mood of kids.

Kids don't want to take the "back to school" photos as they get older. This mom knows that this is the true emotion behind these teens. And, she even changed out of her PJs!