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Older People Are Still Fun And Wholesome, Now Stories Show That Too

There's an old saying that preaches how it isn't about the number of years in your life, but rather the amount of life in your years that truly matters.

Below are examples of people who define that statement. Have a look as we share stories of elderly people that prove how they're still wholesome and fun.

Cosplay is for everyone.

I used to watch Looney Tunes every single day once I arrived home from school. The hilarious misadventures of Sylvester and Tweety were always some of my favorite moments.

Whoever this lady is, she's slaying the "Granny" look.

The ultimate dad move.

"I lost my dad at walmart[sic] and ended up finding him in the garden section watering plants," wrote Reddit user bambiartistic.

I'd be lying if I said that I couldn't picture my dad doing the exact same thing.

The Force is strong with these two.

"Hi, this is my 85 year old[sic] physics teacher," Reddit user KP20024 said. "Him[sic] and his wife just had a light saber[sic] fight."

Well, don't just leave us hanging in suspense — who won?!

"Grandpa crochets dolls with vitiligo."

Vitiligo is a condition that causes skin cells to lose their pigment. This can often cause discoloration, as well as patching.

The fact that this man would do something so thoughtful so that kids would be able to see themselves reflected in their dolls is heartwarming.

Consumer reviews you can trust.

This kindly-looking grandfather is far too humble. Judging from that smile, I'd peg him as being quite the photogenic gentleman.

And he's even tech-savvy enough to know how to leave an articulate and helpful review!

Is this endearing or creepy?

Why would your wife think that you'd be cheating, Jim? If all this paranoia began in 1967, I'd be curious to find out what Jim was up to in 1966. It just sounds a little fishy to me.

I've got no strings to hold me down.

"My Professor Is 74 And He Isn’t Confident Using Zoom So He’s Prerecorded The Rest Of Our Classes," explained Redditor Ph0on-. "Today, I Watched The First One. He Has A Pinocchio Doll In The Front Row Because He Isn’t Comfortable Teaching To An Empty Room."

Balling out of control.

Are you freaking kidding me? Somebody needs to get Kanye West or the people at Air Jordan on the phone right now.

The granny has serious skills. I'd buy a pair of slippers like these in a heartbeat.

This Redditor's grandmother has literally been through it all.

"She survived the Great Depression, being hit by a fire truck and being in a coma, and losing her husband at a young age. Now she drinks liquor and smokes cigars, still lives alone and hits on younger men. I love her with everything I’ve got." - Reddit u/motherroadsdaughter

Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Shoot your shot granny, shoot your shot. Even in the midst of being rescued, this elderly lady still fires from the hip.

I kind of think they could make a cute couple; age is just a number after all.

You're never too old to fulfill a childhood dream.

"My mom got to visit Snow White - her favorite princess since she was a little girl. My mom retired Friday and this was her first trip to Disney ever." - Reddit u/Paelidore

This is quite possibly the cutest thing to ever happen to anyone alive.

You're meaning to tell me that this sweet man has been carrying around a photograph of him and his wife for 73 years?! Excuse me while I go and bawl my eyes out.

I love it when couples dress alike!

Same clothes, same facial hair, heck — even the same haircut! It really is true that the longer you live with someone, the more and more you begin to look like one another

. I can only imagine what a nightmare putting laundry away must be.

You haven't seen anything until you see this grandma guess the names of Pokemon.

It's tough to choose a favorite since all of the names she gives are so incredibly hilarious and sweet.

But I think the clear winner is Charmander aka "Hamilton."

Have you ever received a "thank you" note from a dog?

This Reddit user says that every time she goes over to dogsit for her grandmother, she always receives a "thank you" note addressed to her from Daisy the dog.