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Waitress Called Out Her Restaurant's Redistribution Of Tip As 'Abuse'

Working in the service industry is a lot of hard work. Many restaurant jobs tend to pay minimum wage because staff earns extra money in tips. However, there are also restaurant jobs that pay staff even under minimum wage, and then expect their staff to cover the difference.

If you don't believe us, just see for yourself.

A video shared on TikTok recently exposed how restaurants "abuse" their staff and almost "rob them."

TikTok user alexservestea shared a video about a Chili's employee who made absolutely nothing in tips for a shift, despite the fact that her $1001.66 in sales generated $61.01 in credit card tips.

So, she broke down exactly why she ended up with less than $1 in tips.

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The employee had to "tip out" multiple employees.

Which, as you'll see, a lot of people had no idea that some restaurants required that from their employees.

Of her $61.01 credit card tips, she had to tip out the bartender, the chef, the expo chef, and the food runner.

After all was said and done, she ended up with $0.91 in tips for the evening, which is less than $1.

So, the TikTok user asked the waitress exactly why and how.

The waitress said that many times, customers don't tip as well, especially when it comes to credit card tips.

And, overall, she had to share her tip with other people at the end of the night.

So, all of her hard work went basically unpaid.

The waitress had some advice, too.

The waitress suggested that the gratuity for bigger parties and bills should be added to the check so that it is always 20%, every time.

Not everyone tips 20% every time, and this could help prevent servers from leaving with less than nothing in tips.

Personally, I'm thinking that's a great idea, and a great way of ensuring people get the money they deserve.

Others said that you should be wise about where you work.

Some people said that working for corporate restaurants, like Chili's and others, is a big problem.

Instead, they suggested working for smaller, mom-and-pop restaurants because "that's where the money is."

Many agreed that working at local places will allow you to make the most profit.

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Many pointed out she still will get taxed for the $60.

Which honestly, is about as depressing as this story could possibly get.


Due to the fact that the $60 is reported by the restaurant in their credit card tips, the server would still be taxed out of her paycheck for those specific tips, even though she did not go home with them.

Many people were also confused about the set up.

Some online were saying that the cooks should not be getting half of the tips.

But, they also stated that you tip the staff out of the tips you made for the night, not your total sales for the night.

In fact, the "tipping out based on sales" is kind of dangerous.

alexservestea also pointed out that some servers reported having to go to the "ATM" to get enough money for tip out.

Honestly, this is just so depressing.

Because this restaurant makes you tip out based on sales and not tips, you may have to tip out more than you even made in tips.

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Overall, people were on her side, which isn't that surprising.

People were not happy that after all that work, she ended up with nothing.

No one was saying that she should have known better. Everyone was on her side.

All over TikTok, angry servers and former servers reported that restaurants should be paying employees a "liveable wage" and tipping out the entire staff should be abolished.

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