Waitress Reveals The Correct Way To Use Salt And Pepper Shakers

Who here loves to use salt and pepper shakers to flavor their food? It's a staple, am I right? We're all used to seeing them at every restaurant table, and we use them at home, too.

However, I'll bet you $10 that you are not using them properly. Why? Because nobody told us how to do it the right way to begin with, and that's a fact.

So, salt and pepper shakers got their name somehow, right?

Unsplash | Lachlan

It must be because you're supposed to shake them to get the seasoning out. Does that sound about right to you? At least that's what we were all led to believe all these years.

Well, if that's what you thought, I'm here to burst your bubble.

Unsplash | Hamed Taha

As it turns out, that's actually the wrong way to use them! Are you shocked? I have to admit that I was when I found out. Why wouldn't anybody show me how to do it the right way?

Recently, a waitress shared her tip on TikTok, and she pretty much blew people's minds.

Unsplash | Obi Onyeador

She showed everyone the proper way to use a salt and paper shaker in a viral video. I'm going to tell you about it now so you can show it off to your friends, ha, ha!

The first clue you should have picked up on, is the fact that there are ridges on the bottom of the shakers.

Aha! I'm curious, have you ever noticed they were there? What the heck are they there for, huh?

You see, you're actually supposed to flip the shaker upside down.

And then, you rub the rough bottom of one of the shakers over the edge of the other shaker. Wow! I have to admit I did not know that, ha, ha!

So what's the point of doing that, you ask?

Apparently, the vibration of this particular motion makes the contents come out much smoother. If you just shake the shaker, the salt or the pepper will come out a lot more slowly — and all over the place.

I know — it sounds like some kind of sorcery, ha, ha!

Unsplash | Clem Onojeghuo

But if a waitress does it that way, then why would we question it? After all, she does this for a living, no? So how old were you when you found out about this?

As I said, most folks who saw this trick were blown away by it.

A few of them even asked why there are no instructions on how to use these shakers properly? I don't know. I guess it's just something that we must figure out on our own.

One commenter on TikTok dared to ask this kind of obvious question.

Come on, admit it, you must've been thinking that, too. It actually crossed my mind as well. But I guess it was shorter to just call them shakers. Am I right or what?

Another person questioned whether this was just a clever way to use the shaker.

Well, I see their point there. But then again, why the ridges on the bottom, eh? That on its own wouldn't make too much sense, huh?

Oh wait, maybe it's so they won't slide off the table.

Hmm! That could be the very reason. Aha! See, she even admits it here, too. I knew I was on to something here. But I like the concept she initially shared anyway.

Well, whether it is the proper way or not, people still believe it's the more efficient way anyway.

I just don't know why I keep forgetting to try it out to see for myself. I guess old habits die hard, eh?

I don't know if you're going to use this tip or not but try it out anyway.

If anything, the noise the rubbing makes it's pretty soothing, no? I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo who seems to think so, ha, ha!

So did you know about this trick?

Or is this the first time you've heard of it? Now that you know about it, will you start using the salt and pepper shakers this way? Or will you just stick to shaking the crap out of them? Ha, ha!