Cute DIY Idea Adds A Personal Touch To Wedding Cash Gifts

If you're getting married in today's day and age, odds are that you already have a lot of the things people used to traditionally put on wedding registries. You've got the house, the appliances, and the cutlery.

But what a lot of us don't have? Money. And while some people don't like the idea of gifting money, one person actually came up with a cute and clever way to make it happen!

Millennials and Gen Z are doing marriage differently these days.

Unsplash | Diogo Fagundes

For one thing, a lot of us don't own homes, so major appliances aren't big on our lists. For another, we already have those small things (like cutlery sets) from living on our own.

So, what do you give a modern couple? Money, of course!

Some look down on gifting money, but it's the most practical and helpful gift a newlywed couple could possibly receive.

If you want to make that gift more personal, pick up a toy car.

Decorate it however you want!

You can really personalize your toy car! Put their wedding date on the license plate, graffiti the sides, or even paint the whole thing their wedding colors!

Roll up your cash and tie it to some curled ribbons.

And voilĂ ! You now have an adorable, personalized gift that will make any couple's day.

What do you think of this little trick? I'm totally doing it for the next wedding I go to!