Unsplash | Luwadlin Bosman

The Internet Is Divided Over Wedding Invitation That Sorted Guests By Order Of Importance

No married couple wants to upset their wedding guests. But with all the new restrictions and limitations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the reality is that many people's lists will be cut short.

So just how transparent should you be? Recently, one couple decided to send out invitations grouping their guests by order of importance. As you might have already imagined — it has the internet divided.

Twitter user @von_owie received this note along with her wedding invitation.

The preamble basically explains that in an ideal world, everyone who received an invitation to the wedding would be welcomed with open arms. But sadly, the reality of the situation is that some people could become un-invited.

In order to help expedite the uncomfortable process, guests were broken down into groups.

Those in Group A were instructed to please RSVP as soon as they possibly could, while the folks in Group B and C were asked to check the wedding website with bated breath.

The couple also encouraged their guests to leave their children at home and for their single friends to forego their plus-1.

I'm all for asking parents to leave their kids at home for the night, but if you give someone a plus-1 — it's fully within their right to take advantage of it.

Otherwise, why give them a plus-1 in the first place?

Some were sympathetic, while others were downright outraged.

Multiple Twitter users accused a couple of being tacky as well as offensive to their guests. Others seemed to be much more understanding of the situation and reasoned that the couple was only doing what they thought was best.

Where do you stand; what would you do? Leave a comment and let us know!