Family Displays Grandmother's Handmade Creations At Her Funeral To Honor Her Love Of Quilting

If you're an avid quilter, you will absolutely fall in love with this story. I've always admired people who take the time to make a beautiful quilt, especially as a gift for someone.

This one lady took that task to heart. And when she passed away in 2017, her family honored her by displaying her quilts for everyone to enjoy.

Margaret Hubl was a pretty extraordinary lady.

Unsplash | Liane Metzler

She spent her life caring for her family. Even though she had three children of her own, she took in her sister-in-law's kids after a tragic accident. So really, she took care of a total of five kids during her life.

But, that didn't slow her down.

Unsplash | J Williams

She and her husband Henri raised the whole family in a small three-bedroom house on their farm. She started sewing to make clothes for all the kids but then turned into quilting when the grandkids came.

And that's pretty much how her quilting hobby all started.

Unsplash | Jen Theodore

Hubi started giving the quilts to the grandchildren when they graduated from high school. The tradition continued with weddings. Every grandkid received a beautiful quilt on their wedding day. Isn't that absolutely amazing?

Get this:

Unsplash | Katherine Hanlon

When Hubi passed away at the age of 89, the family finally discovered how many quilts she has made. It was over 100! Wow! Then, they got the idea to drape the quilts over each pew in the church for her funeral.

I bet this must've been quite a sight.

Here's a picture so you can see exactly what it looked like. There were almost enough quilts to cover each pew in the church. Oh my gosh. I'm getting teary-eyed here.

There were even quilts Hubi made for her unmarried grandchildren.

Unsplash | Sophia Kunkel

And they got to see them for the first time at the funeral. This thoughtful grandma really took the time to make each quilt special for all of her grandchildren. She wanted to wrap them up in all her love.

When this story was posted on Reddit, it stole the hearts of many people.

Everybody thought this was a beautiful gesture to do to honor a very special woman at her funeral. I bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house that day.

Some have even suggested that the grandchildren should pass the quilts to their children and so on.

That way, grandma's love will really live forever. This is honestly the sweetest thing I've ever heard. It makes me wish I had a quilt made by my grandma.

Isn't this the sweetest story you've heard in a long time?

It really warmed my heart to read about this amazing family. It made me think of my grandma and all the wonderful memories I had with her. How about you?