Grandmother Includes Recipe On Her Headstone So Her Famous Fudge Lives On After She's Gone

For many of us, it doesn't matter how old we get or how far we move away, there's nothing like our grandmother's cooking. From dinners to desserts, and more, there's something about the magic that lives in every bite of a grandmother's cooking.

So, when we heard that one grandmother's headstone includes the recipe for her favorite fudge, we were sure that the sweetness of this grandmother will live on forever.

Kathryn Andrews decided that she wanted something extra on her tombstone.

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Before dying in December 2019 at 97 years old, Andrews planned to leave her fudge recipe on her tombstone for all to see. Her family explained that she loved gathering with others and always brought some of her homemade fudge to share.

She got the idea after her husband, Wade Andrews, passed away in 2000.

Andrews had been discussing with her five children what would be a good picture for their father's tomb. Around the same time, they asked her if there was something special she'd like on hers. She decided to include her fudge recipe.

Andrews even got to see her fudge become famous before she passed away.

Andrews was interviewed about her unique headstone and explained that it took a few tries for it to reach its final form. At one point, it even had a typo .

Andrews is buried next to her husband.

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Buried in Utah's Logan Cemetery, Katie (or Kay as a nickname) Andrews was buried next to her husband where they could be reunited.

Her legacy will live on forever.

Andrews wanted others to make her fudge and share it with others, That way, the recipe isn't just passed on down her family but many other families for entire lifetimes.

People on Twitter wish they could have met her.

Without knowing her, there seems to be an automatic understanding that Andrews was a kind grandmother that was working to help others. We have a feeling that she's proud of her impact on others even after her time on Earth has passed.

Apparently, the fudge is amazing.

This wasn't just some fudge that this grandmother sought to make, it was some mouthwatering fudge that people can't wait to make themselves. Andrews definitely left the world a special gift.

Her children are proud to see her life continue to shine a light over others.

Recently, the pictures of Andrew's headstone fudge recipe went viral all over social media. This was an exciting surprise for her children to celebrate.

Let us know what you think of this heartfelt story in the comments and if you think you'll try the fudge recipe yourself.

It's time to give the recipe a try yourself.

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The only thing to do now is to give this recipe a whirl and see if it lives up to its reputation and abundance of love and family.

Let us know what you think of this heartfelt story in the comments and if you think you'll try the fudge recipe yourself.