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Woman Shows Why It's Important To Read Instructions Before Dying Your Hair At Home

Whether it's to cover up some gray or because you want a bit of a change, dying your hair can be a wonderful expression of your personality. With a talented hairdresser, you can transform your hair into just about anything. But, that's not the only way to do it.

With a wealth of at-home box dyes available, it's never been easier to dye your hair from home. But, as Kinsey Kucholick will show, that may not always be the best solution.

If you're going to dye your hair at home, you should probably read the instructions thoroughly.

Kinsey_Kucholick | TikTok

Taking her hair dyeing regimen into her own hands (literally), Kinsey Kucholick wanted to try dying her hair from the comfort of her own home. Instead of reading the part on the box labeled "instructions", Kucholick dove headfirst into the hair dyeing fun. (Again... literally.)

This is why you don't shower with your hair dye.

Kinsey_Kucholick | TikTok

Instead of rinsing just her hair under the showerhead as all at-home hair dyes suggest, Kucholick threw caution to the wind and stepped her whole body into the shower.

Now, most at-home hair dyers know that you have to be very careful with dark hair dyes. As the dye develops, every single thing the dye has touched will start to stain, including your skin.

Kucholick's video lives on as a cautionary tale.

Kinsey_Kucholick | TikTok

Staining not only her body, Kucholick's DIY salon transformed her shower into a horrifying Smurph murder scene. As a cautionary tale to anyone planning on dyeing their own hair, Kucholick posts the awful aftermath on TikTok, gaining over 6 million likes.

What has your at-home hair dyeing experience been like? Do you have your own hair-related horror stories? Let us know in the comments below!