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This Hairdresser Is Giving Homeless People A Reason To Smile With Free Haircuts

One British hairdresser is taking a unique approach to helping those who are less fortunate.

Rather than just donating money or used clothes, Joshua Coombes is giving homeless people a whole new look.

Here's how it all started.

Joshua Coombes, became a hairdresser 6 years ago after pursuing a career as a rock musician.

On his walks home from work he would often stop and talk to homeless people and offer them free haircuts and shaves.

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From there, #DoSomethingForNothing was born.

The online movement and campaign encourages others to follow in Joshua's footsteps and help those around us without expecting anything in return.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Joshua said the campaign is about the importance of human connections.

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Today, Joshua gives hundreds of haircuts to homeless people all over the world.

In Mumbai, he even gave a haircut to an adorable little boy who lived in a shelter.

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But It's not just a new look that homeless people are walking away with.

In addition to cutting their hair, Joshua spends time talking to his clients and learning about their life story.

Then he gives them a chance for their voice to be heard by sharing their stories with his 178,000 followers.

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Like Benjamin from Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old shared his story about recovering from a crystal meth addicition.

"I haven't been clean for very long, but I'm trying. I'm going to work. I want a job where I can work as much as I can and start to change things," he said.

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Or Spider from Miami.

Before living life on the streets, Spider tells Joshua that he used to have it all.

Rather than dwell on his past cocaine addiction and subsequent jail time, Spider says homelessness might just be "another chapter" in his life.

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And Terry from New York City

Both Terry and his girlfriend Eveylon got free haircuts from Joshua.

The couple had been sleeping on the streets for 6 months together and are both recovering from drug addictions. Still, what's most endearing is their love for each other throughout everything.

"We haven't got much at the moment but we have each other and that's amazing," said Eveylon.

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Overall, Joshua Coombes is proving that even small acts of kindness makes the biggest difference.

When was the last time you did something kind without expecting anything in return?

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