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Former Hotel Employee Spills The Tea On 'Behind-The-Scenes' Hotel Secrets

Let's talk hotels! When you're on vacation and need a place to rest, checking into a room with a warm bed and running water can be the difference between sanity and losing your marbles. But who's to say that a warm bed is also a clean bed?

Giving the inside scoop on common hotel practices, ex-hotel employee Janessa Richard spills the tea on her hotel's "behind the scenes".

Janessa Richard opens up about her time as a hotel employee.

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Former hotel employee Janessa Richard went viral on TikTok when she started posting "Confessions Of An Ex-Hotel Employee" videos. Revealing all kinds of dirty hotel secrets, Richard clarifies that her experience is only true for her own hotel experience, and in no way is she attempting to speak for the state of any other hotel.

They only wash duvet covers once a year.

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Grossed out by many practices she witnessed during her time working for a hotel, Richard starts her tea-spilling with a doozy: hotels only wash their duvet covers once a year.

Not even wanting to imagine the filth collecting on the over-used covers, Richard recommends that you do not flop down on the bed as soon as you enter. Instead, as soon as you can, tear that thing off the bed and never touch it again.

As long as the drinking glasses "look" clean, they don't change them.

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Richard also reveals another worrying practice concerning the mugs and cups available in hotel rooms. She states that though these mugs are changed if they look dirty and used, if they look clean, they won't be swapped. This means that if the person before you simply drank water out of the cups and rinsed them out, those same cups may still be there when it comes time for you to check-in.

Carpets are only washed once a year.

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She also heavily recommends always wearing socks and slippers in your hotel room. Though hotel carpets are vacuumed regularly, they're very rarely washed. Therefore mud, food, and anything else that could have fallen on the carpets over the course of a year just sits there for months, stewing.

Hotels can give you breakfast to-go bags.

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According to Janessa Richard, if your hotel room comes with breakfast but you leave before breakfast hours, you can request a little to-go bag full of breakfast food! This one definitely could have come in handy on past vacations.

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