29 Times People Posted Something Fascinating And Went Viral

When you come across something that completely blows your socks off you may make a mental note of it and carry on with your day. But for these Reddit users, a mental note wasn't enough to remember their fascinating discoveries.

Instead, they all snapped a picture of their intriguing finds and posted them on the internet. Within a span of a few hours to a couple of days, their posts captivated the Reddit masses and it's not too hard to see why.

"Birthday cake I made for my dad matches our counter." — siennao

Was it a strange glitch in the matrix? Or just an odd coincidence that this cake one Redditor made for their father perfectly matched their brown, speckled countertop?

Honestly, we may never know the answer. But what we do know is that the yummy dessert is a German chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting, which is a favorite of the user's dad. How sweet!

"This robin that flew into my parents living room and landed on my dads *[sic]* shoe." — Myneckmyguac

Look how graceful this little robin is that's strutting its long legs on a super polished shoe.

We're amazed at how calm the little guy appears to be. But not everyone was so impressed by the bird's nonchalance. Others were taken aback that the original poster called the petite fellow a robin.

"Opened up the photo, first thought was 'that's not a robin.' Now I know," writes one Redditor.

And what the user would come to know is that this bird is in fact a robin. However, it appears to be a European robin which looks quite different from the robins we're used to in North America.

"A mobile Tesla service truck is made by Ford not Tesla." — Gresat24526

It almost seems sacrilegious to have a Ford vehicle serve as a Tesla mobile service truck. But as other Redditors under the post pointed out, Tesla doesn't produce any work vans.

As a result, the company must enlist the help of another car brand when traveling for customer service calls, and surprisingly, Tesla isn't the only car company to do so.

"Yep. Happens all the time with brands that don't have work trucks," shares one Redditor. "Every so often you'll see a Honda dealership swap out a Ford badge and put on a Honda badge for the lulz."

"My roommate cleaned some old pool balls and they came out looking like jawbreakers." — breadlover19

Well, these 'jawbreakers' would certainly break a few jaws if people mistook them for their candy lookalikes.

So how exactly did the very inedible balls ended up with a spotty appearance? One Redditor shared their hypothesis.

They explained that the pool balls didn't experience this discoloration because of having a coated outer layer. Rather, the balls are typically made entirely of (colored) resin. And whatever was applied to the spheres, likely not "pool ball safe," reacted poorly to them.

"This strange little step that was installed to prevent trips that actually causes more trips and bruised ankles." — IndifferentSkeptic

Fortunately, a Redditor who came across this irritating step that does more harm than good offers a solution.

"Seems like painting that bright yellow would fix some problems," they share.

But others weren't so sold on the idea.

"While that might help, what really needs to happen is the step needs to extend all the way down to the floor," another user adds. "That way if you don't notice it, the tip of your boot makes contact with the step first - not your ankle. Codes exist for a reason."

They certainly raise a compelling point.

"This rose gold car I saw at Tescos." — MacaroonStatus9944

"Tell me 'I'm looking for attention' without telling me 'I'm looking for attention,'" writes Redditor Ekskalibar, under the thread.

Okay, so maybe that was a little mean of the user. But they aren't really wrong. After all, it's undeniable how noticeable this shiny, rose gold car is without even trying.

Perhaps its bold appearance may be a bit much for others but we can only assume that its driver wanted to go for that 'one of a kind' look, and boy did they achieve it.

"The new Indiana Jones film has been shooting near where I live." — ArmitageShanks3767

Imagine saying that you saw the production of the upcoming Indiana Jones movie set to release in 2022 because the film was shooting in your hometown.

Well this Redditor certainly can, and they shared a picture they captured of two vintage motorcycles traveling to set. This post, unsurprisingly, blew up on Reddit, piquing the interests of other users who began coming up with reasons for the props.

"Rumours of de-aging FX being used. Could be for a flashback prologue, like crusade, that links to present," writes user Hyattmarc, whose theory definitely seems convincing to us!

"A cat just randomly decided to lay on my shoes. I do not know this cat." — ANameWorthMentioning

What do you do if a random cat decided to take a quick little siesta on your feet? Well if you're like this Reddit user, you'd snap a photo and post it to the internet where it would literally blow up.

"Congratulations on your new cat. Enjoy!" writes one Redditor.

We also thought congratulations were in order for the new cat owner until they informed Reddit that the orange cat didn't stay long.

"No apparently it just snuggled a bit and then ran off. Maybe it wanted to scratch itself on my shoes?" the original poster shared.

What a bummer!

"My coffee looks like Jupiter." — WhenGinMaySteer

Is it a bit of a stretch to say that this coffee looks like the planet Jupiter? Honestly, yeah we would think so.

And other Redditors weren't so sure of the resemblance either.

"Wait… is Jupiter made out of coffee?" asks user EvilGeniusDog, who assumably isn't seeing what the original poster does.

Much like Redditor EvilGeniusDog, we don't see a planet in this cup — we just see coffee. Sorry!

"My co-worker uses a parmesan cheese shaker lid as a cover for her mason jar smoothies." — canipetyourdog21

This Redditor's co-worker heard the saying: "reduce, reuse, recycle" and clearly ran with it.

Sure, using a parmesan shaker lid as a top for your smoothie is undeniably odd and possibly a little icky. But as another Redditor shared under the viral post, it's undeniably "Weird but effective."

And by the looks of it, it's definitely effective.

"This baggie design." — Starknife24

You might be asking yourself several questions right about now as your stare at this cup baggie.

The first may be along the lines of why on earth would someone need a bag to hold their drink when they could just grip it normally? Yeah, we don't know either.

And as for the second question, you might be wondering what Redditor ilovesandydogos asked under the thread, "Aren't all those loops bad for wildlife?"

According to other users, the short is a solid yes, they're absolutely terrible for the environment.

"I went for a walk in a heavy rain day and my pants decided to produce soap." — BRRGSH

Understandably, this Redditor who shared a picture of their pants literally soaping up in the rain went a little crazy on Reddit.

Other users suggested that the original poster set their washing machine to double rinse to prevent this soap mishap from happening again. But when the poster finally responded, their answer was quite the doozy.

"Was a new pair that haven’t [sic] been washed yet (going now). Didn’t expect it at all," they wrote, shocking everyone — us included!

"This pink grasshopper found on Kelleys Island, Ohio." — BreakfastBeerz

While this insect looks like a plastic toy, it's actually alive. The bright pink coloration is likely due to a genetic mutation called erythrism.

However, the user was wrong about one thing: it's not a grasshopper, but actually a katydid.

"This tree bark filled with acorns by a woodpecker." — otter_sausage

If you suffered from trypophobia — the quite odd but very real fear of small holes clustered together — you might want to look away.

Reddit wasn't too impressed by this photo the original poster shared on the internet, which is likely why it went viral in the first place.

"I've never seen something more gross than a woodpecker's stash tree," shares user KuronekoFan.

Yup, you and us both. It's pretty icky!

"My bag has a list of ways to reuse it." — SylphSeven

It may seem quite environmentally friendly for the company that produces these plastic bags to include a list of ways to reuse the plastic, but not everyone was buying.

"Reuse is a nice thought, but most of these uses convert from a single-use bag, to a double-use bag. Using something only twice really is barely better than using it only once," shares Reddit user rusthighlander, clearly heated by the post. "I know I am being a downer but this is literally greenwashing."

"A tree in Croatia refusing to give up." — WarNaTon36

Besides being a solid role model for how to hold your ground when times get tough, this is also a great example case for the importance of root systems when combatting erosion.

Established vegetation are nature's retaining walls.

"My grandmother has kept her elementary school lunch box in nearly pristine condition for over 70 years." — HIGHly_intALEXual

Why exactly did a picture of a lunchbox generate so much talk on Reddit? Well, it could be that other users were really impressed by how well kept the 70-year-old lunch box is. We sure are!

But the likely answer is that plenty of Redditors were able to identify the many colleges labeled on the box, except for one — Hamer.

Searching for answers about this unknown college turned up empty for Reddit. But here's to hoping the Hamer mystery will be uncovered soon!

"The hospital I got my covid vax in has original Keith Haring murals on its walls." — icouldstartover

Honestly, this may just be the coolest fact we've read all day.

It's so awesome that this hospital proudly displays one of Keith Haring's iconic designs. But it seemingly means so much that the mural isn't just a piece of bought artwork.

Rather, it was handpainted by the legendary artist himself!

"Movie theater tells you if there's a scene near the end of the movie." — IConsumeLead

Let's be real, we've all left a movie theatre during the credits only to find out later online that the film had a scene after the credits that we blatantly missed.

Marvel movies are widely known for their use of end credit scenes that hint at the next film in their cinematic universe. But as it turns out, other motion pictures are following suit.

It's pretty awesome that this movie theater gives its moviegoers a heads-up so they don't leave prematurely!

"The components for my new vacuum are all packaged in paper instead of plastic." — ChewbaccaExMachina

"I thought you had a bunch of weird looking Mcdonalds [sic] bags at first glance," writes Redditor supertiger1105 under the post.

And honestly, we see the resemblance. However, depicted in this picture are no McDonald's bags. They're actually an attempt at environmentally friendly packaging that uses a paper material to wrap each individual part of this vacuum cleaner, instead of plastic.

How clever!

"Innards of a hard-boiled egg after it was neglected in the fridge for a year. Consistency of a marble." — PoojiethePillowPet

According to the user, this wasn't a case of laziness, but rather a Greek tradition to complete for the most impressive year-old egg.

I don't know if this was the winning egg, but it's certainly got my vote.

"My dad found a tree where people have thrown bra's onto." — autumnchan11

The tree isn't just a random collection of bras, but a tribute. Maree Kester was a teacher and motorcyclist who died of breast cancer in 2010.

The tree is on a route she once frequented.

"What the storm brought to the French shores." — Alehins

Well, this is mildly terrifying and yet kind of beautiful at the same time.

We'll probably never know where the head came from, but we do know that those are goose barnacles growing on it. They tend to be found on driftwood, but will attach to anything handy.

"My shirt lined up perfectly with the mountain." — finger_the_shark

This optical illusion is really neat. It definitely looks like the guy has a hole in his chest that you can see through to the mountain range beyond.

It doesn't matter if the shirt is literally depicting that exact skyline, as long as the mountains line up.

"Our electrician left all of the screws in a vertical position in our new kitchen." — wobwobwob42

Was this electrician just really into symmetry or was it just a coincidence that all the screws on these outlet covers are perfectly vertical?

According to one Redditor, the answer is likely neither.

"I don't know the origin of it, but I do know that for electricians doing that is considered a sign of craftsmanship and putting the finishing touch on a job," user tilt-a-whirly-gig wrote, and they do make a convincing point.

"So my friend found a message in a bottle while fishing." — NOT_A_NINJA_

And what an epic, amazing bottle they found!

Inside, there was a photo of a family surrounding a man in a hospital bed. His name is Mel and he loved the ocean.

The note requested that if found, photos of the bottle would be shared before being sealed up and sent on its way again. Which is exactly what this Redditor's friend did.

"The tinyness of this frog." — PoojiethePillowPet

I don't really have anything interesting to say about this specific tiny frog. Just look at its teeny tinyness and enjoy.

  • Tiny ribbit.*

"This kilo my mom found washed up on a South Florida beach this morning." — raisingrebelles

Wow. That's a lot of drugs.

And before anyone asks, the approximate worth was $150,000 and yes, the mom took it directly to the authorities.

"[Two] days ago I knelt in my car and burned myself on a penny and it left a perfect penny burn on me." — griffin7008

"It's very high quality but I wouldn't say perfect, still one of the best penny burns I've seen today," shares one Redditor under the photo of a penny that literally burnt into the original poster's skin.

That looks quite painful but at the same time pretty impressive!