Mom Tackles The Dreaded Linen Closet With Easy Organization Tips

Ah, the linen closet: the place every spare scrap of fabric gets shoved in, even if it has a home somewhere else.

We all know that our linen closets probably need cleaning out. So, let's grab our phones, put on some 2000s throwback songs, and get to organizing our lives!

I know it's summer, but it's time for spring cleaning.

Unsplash | Anton

I mean, spring cleaning is more of a state of mind, isn't it? Time to tackle that to-do list and get things organized so that you can spend the rest of the summer just chillin'.

Alright, it's time to clean out that closet.

Raise your hand if your linen closet looks like this! Mine is stuffed full of sheets, towels, washcloths, and random socks that got stuck in the mix. You know how it is.

Empty out the entire thing.

I recommend laying everything out where you can see it all at the same time. That way, you'll be able to easily spot the things you can definitely live without.

Follow this handy hack to keep sheet sets together.

I never thought to do this, but I am absolutely going to now. Store your sheets sets in the matching pillowcase! That way, you know exactly what set it is, and you can grab it all easily.

Definitely consider grouping your items.

Dedicate certain parts of the shelf to certain linens. The most-used ones should be at casual reaching level, and make sure to leave room for your inevitable tiny tower of washcloths.

Containers will help keep things organized.

I know it sometimes seems ridiculous, but having a ton of tiny baskets is incredibly helpful for your organization game. Store random socks, cloths, and other odds and ends in containers!

Make sure to leave yourself some room to grow.

If you don't leave space for things you forgot about, are about to buy, or want to put in there later, you'll end up right back at the beginning — with a cluttered linen closet.

All organized!

That looks SO much better than it did. We love that feeling of accomplishment when you realize you've totally nailed the project you were working on... even if the project was putting away towels.

You can watch the whole TikTok here.

Kick back, relax, and check out @motherhood.on.purpose's whole TikTok here!

So, what does your linen closet look like, and would you try any of the tips here? Let me know!