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Woman's Genius Closet Hack Instantly Hides Ugly Wire Shelves

Builder-grade homes can be a total drag.

They're built with standard everything, from the appliances to the finishes. Even the closets lack personality! Thankfully, Alli at @the.hoss.homestead had an easy fix for her builder-grade home's linen closet: wood!

Let's check out her hack, and may none of us ever have to look at wire shelving again.

Behold: an ugly closet.

We've all got one of these in our homes, and, boy, are they awful. Wire shelves are fine if you don't mind them, but I definitely mind mine. Thankfully, @the.hoss.homestead has a solution.

You'll need some wood.

Well, this is easy, and cheap! Alli put together a shelf with a lip on it, which is key — the lip will hide any trace of the old wire. Out of sight, out of mind.

Stack 'em in.

It's crazy how that closet goes from building grade basic to farmhouse chic with such minimal changes. I'm kind of obsessed.

Alli said the shelves are totally stable, too — no wobbling!

All done!

Well, that looks about a million times better! Changes as simple as this one really make a home feel more personalized and sophisticated.

Plus, if you do this in your pantry, your jars won't ever sit funny on the wire shelves again.

Here's what she used:

TikTok doesn't allow for long captions, so she put the materials she used in the comments. You'll need maple 1x2s, wood glue, nails, and a coat of clear poly to seal the wood.

Some people had already tried this hack with cheaper materials!

One user opted for poster board and tape from the dollar store, which I fully support. Whatever gets the job done is good enough, y'all.

Some people tried to poke holes in the hack.

I mean, I GUESS. I wouldn't think of it that much, to be honest. Plus, you could always add a bottom layer to each shelf and totally close it off to hide the wire.

Or, you could do this:

I mean... that sure would be a lot easier than buying the extra wood to cover the bottom, so maybe just opt for this one. White paint hides most sins.

You can watch the whole TikTok here.

Check out the hack right here! People loved it so much that TikTok itself put it on their Instagram page. Now that's pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.