Place Marbles In Fence Holes To Make A Stunning Stained Glass Effect

Let's be honest about something: fences are pretty boring.

Sure, you can paint them. You can stain them. But at the end of the day, they're a barrier you put up around your home, and they're not very cute.

But they could be, right? One couple thought so, which is why they decided to do something pretty weird: they put marbles in their fence.

Jami Taylor's fence is unlike anyone else's.

Jamie started @jamitaylor1 to show off her garden and teach people tips about making their own. Her first TikTok? Showing off her marble fence! And wow, did it ever go over well.

The TikTok blew up in a big way.

Within days, over 2 million people saw Jami's amazingly creative fence. So many people just had to know: how exactly did she do it, and do the marbles not fall out?

She made a follow-up TikTok explaining the process.

She drilled a hole in the fence with a large drill bit, then put glue all around the inside of that hole with Lexel clear glue. They popped the marble in and boom! Marble fence.

It even looks cool at night!

I absolutely love this project, and I love that it looks good no matter the time of day.

What do you think of it? Would you try it?