15 DIY Projects To Turn Any Yard Into The Ultimate Outdoor Escape

Updating your yard or garden can seem like a daunting task but it doesn't have to be! Let these easy and creative ideas help you decorate your yard. From outdoor lighting to creating the ultimate backyard nook for relaxation, you'll find tons of simple DIY projects for your yard here.

Turn wood pallets into yard forts for your kids!

This project is super easy, and it's super cheap! You can actually source the pallets for free, if you find the right alley. WINK WINK.

Check out our article on it here.

Make yourself some posts to hang string lights!

One clever TikTok user found a way to make garden posts using Home Depot buckets and cement. Check it out here — doesn't it look amazing? And the project was pretty easy, too!

Turn your yard into a waterslide.

Guys, your yard needs to become a giant waterslide. Thankfully, there's a kit that will do it for you! You can buy the perfect summer activity kit on Amazon.

Paint some rocks instead of using plant stakes!

Painting rocks has become the go-to craft for the summer. Not only are these painted rocks easy to make, but you can use them for garden markers, too!

Create a mini garden!

This amazing DIY garden bed was made entirely out of scrap wood and recycled plastic bottles! Now that's sustainability done right, y'all. This is going to be such a happy garden!

Turn solar lights into outdoor lighting for your garden!

Because let's be real: a lot of wired outdoor lights are not only annoying to install, but ugly as hell. Try out this amazing DIY if you want a light installation in your garden!

Paint your fence!

There is no reason you can't have fun with your fence! People have been painting theirs with rainbows lately, and it is super cute. Check it out.

Make some garden signs!

I love the idea of painting up some art for your garden. Why can't it be a place where you have beautiful pieces? Just make sure to make whatever you do waterproof!

Paint those old bricks you have laying around.

When I was growing up, we had a pile of bricks in our yard from the previous owner's very run down garden beds. I wish I'd thought to paint them, like this DIYer did!

Turn a birdcage into a planter!

Birdcages are plentiful at thrift stores, and they're totally customizable! Pick one up, paint it whatever color you want, and turn it into a gorgeous hanging planter!

Hide that clunky AC unit!

If you're handy with woodwork, this AC cover is as easy as can be. This Old House on YouTube has a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own right here!

Turn anything into a planter.

Like old tires! One clever idea: using old tires and some spare parts to create your own tea cup planter, complete with spray paint! Check it out here.

Add a few raised garden beds.

Adding a raised garden bed is an easy project everyone in the family can help out with. The beds themselves add some organization, and once you add flowers or crops, you'll have lots of natural greenery to compliment your yard.

Turn your yard into a kid's fantasy.

"The kid has had me read Alice almost every night for the past two weeks, and since quarantine makes everyone feel a little mad, I made some yard decorations out of styrofoam, water bottles and bowls I had laying around," symplestytches explained on Reddit.

Create a custom gate.

One Reddit user used a collection of branches to make these custom garden gates that look straight out of a fairy tale. I love how this design blends in with the natural elements of the garden.