Rainbow Fences Are The Latest Trend Adding A Pop Of Color To Our Yards

I know exactly what your house needs: rainbows!

Whether it's those bright, iconic rainbows or some muted pastels, striped fences are the new trend on social media that is aiming to bring some color back to your home.

Let's check out how it's done!

Try and tell me this isn't the happiest fence you've ever seen.

I really love the way this one was done! The way the colors slowly transition into each other is absolutely beautiful. That dog is lucky to have such an awesome yard (I know, I know, dogs are color blind, but STILL.)

Some are more muted, and more unexpected!

This rainbow has the right rainbow energy but is toned down to some tasteful neutrals. I love this interpretation — it's great for those who don't want to attract too much attention, but still want some style.

I would be remiss if I didn't point out how great a rainbow fence would look for Pride.

I mean, come on. Having a rainbow fence during June would be amazing! Even if you're not part of the community, it's a great way to show support!

And before you think, 'Oh, an HOA would never go for that...'

Consider this: HOA are absolutely no fun, and we have an entire article telling you why!

So, what colors are you painting your fence? I would go for a pastel rainbow, personally.