The Perfect Drink For The Tired Mom's 'She Shed' Is The Espresso Martini

What's the only thing on earth that could make coffee better than it already is? That's an easy question — alcohol.

A popular cocktail known as an Espresso Martini has quickly begun sweeping the globe. It also appears to be the perfect drink for tired moms to enjoy while relaxing in their she-shed.

The Espresso Martini is the perfect summer drink for hardworking moms.

The nice thing about an Espresso Martini is that it takes off the edge without leaving you feeling drowsy or tired.

On top of being delicious, it's also relatively simple to make.

In fact, you probably already have all the ingredients you'll need.

This surprisingly refreshing and tasty cocktail is made by combining vodka, coffee liqueur, brewed espresso, and simple syrup.

Make sure to have plenty of ice on hand, as well as a few coffee beans for a garnish.

For an added treat, make your own sugar syrup from scratch!

It might sound intimidating but it's actually incredibly easy to make, just add sugar and water to a saucepan.

Otherwise, you can pick up some premade syrup from the grocery store.

After you've mixed all the ingredients, make sure to have a shaker close by.

Unsplash | Kike Salazar N

In the words of the immortal James Bond, all martinis should be shaken — not stirred. Brew yourself up a batch and prepare to kick back and enjoy.

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