Unsplash | Kenrick Mills

Stunning 'Sea Glass' Quilts Are A Beautiful Way To Use Up Fabric Scraps

If you're a quilter, you know the pain of having a huge fabric scrap pile and nothing to do with it.

One clever crafter took inspiration from the sea! Using scraps and some white fabric, you too can make a gorgeous sea glass-inspired quilt that will be the centerpiece of your home!

How beautiful is this?

Created by user exhaustedoctopus on Reddit, this stunning quilt truly does look like sea glass! I love that each piece has some extra padding inside to really make it stand out from the quilt.

People everywhere loved the idea.

"The first time I saw a seaglass quilt on the internet I knew I wanted to make one too!" @birds.and.stitches said on Instagram.

If I could sew, I would totally make one of these!

Some people even make rainbow ones!

I love that they weren't constrained by a sea-inspired palette here, and instead went for every color in the rainbow. That's a great way to use up every single scrap.

You can take a class to learn to make your own.

Exhaustedoctopus hosts classes where you can learn to make your own sea glass quilt! The class is $35, and you can sign up right here. Happy quilting!