22 DIYs That Prove Spray Paint Is A Crafter's Secret Weapon

Nothing refreshes something like spray paint does.

Whether you're looking to update an old piece of furniture, change the color of a piece of decor, or just have fun with something from the thrift store, spray paint is the easiest (and cheapest) way to DIY your dreams. Let's check out some of the coolest projects out there!

Add your own style to other people's trash.

No, literally. This wicker chair was destined for the dumpster before a crafty DIY-er got a hold of it.

Some pale pink paint, pom-poms, and some soft cushions have given this chair a new lease on life.

Spray paint thrifted dishes.

Sincerely Sara D

Let's be honest: Thrifted dishes can be ugly. Thankfully, spray paint exists.

When you're looking for some new pieces to use to display or use, look for interesting shapes, or pieces that would fit well together, spray paint will take care of the rest.

(Don't eat off of these, okay? Display fake fruit only.)

This magazine holder got a glam boho upgrade.

YouTube | Lone Fox Home

See? Glam boho! This thrifted magazine rack had some gorgeous cane webbing, but the dark wood was just not working.

A fresh coat of black spray paint and a new white rope handle sent it from zero to hero really quickly.

Flip an ugly chandelier.

Blesser House

Ugh, a silver chandelier? Not in my home! And not in Lauren of Bless'er House's home, either.

She picked up a chandelier that had the right shape, but the wrong finish. With a few coats off primer and spray paint, her light went from busted to chic.

Flip old into new.

Design Improvised

See that clever card rack up there? It began life as a CD holder.

I know. When was the last time you saw a CD? But before you throw away the last of your old CD storage, consider this: gold spray paint.

Update an old planter.

Those regular orange planters are fine for some, but they get old. Why not do something a little different?

For these planters, pick up a stone-texture spray paint alongside your classic pastels!

Make over a whole area.

Caruth Studio

Sure, the dresser has been painted. However, you may have missed that bright pink lamp — that's also a handy little thrift flip.

Both pieces were transformed with spray paint, tape, and new hardware. So cute!

Decorate a nursery in style.

By Brittany Goldwyn

You may have found the perfect mobile, but what if it doesn't match your vision for your nursery?

Time for some spray paint. Brittany Goldwyn spray painted some of the beads and stars on this mobile black, white, and gold. It looks amazing!

Don't shell out for fancy hardware.

Polished Habitat

Frickin' spray paint it instead! While there's tons of nice hardware out there, some of it is expensive.

And the cheaper stuff? Well, it may not be your style. So pull out your spray can and make it work!

Customize your shelving brackets.

By Brittany Goldwyn

Not all brackets are made equal. Sure, some can come pretty cheap, but they might lack the chic aesthetic you're looking for.

Why not take a can of spray paint and turn yours into brackets you're totally cool with looking at every day?

Create real art.

Can you believe this is spray paint? Me either! This gorgeous vase was first painted with pink and blue spray paint, then accented with the copper. I want to do this ASAP.

Reuse your old picture frames.

Amber Oliver

Hello, gallery wall! If you have a bunch of mismatched frames that you like the style of, simply pick up some spray paint (and primer, never forget the primer) and turn them into a gallery wall you can be proud of!

Give new life to old objects.

When this organizer was purchased, it was an unsightly (and cheap-looking) cream color.

As we all know, black instantly adds sophistication to any piece. Now this bathroom organizer is gorgeous and functional!

Straws and spray paint are meant to be.


This hack is not only one I've tried, but one I totally love. Put some of those plastic straws to good use and make yourself some decor! Or string them up and make some hanging planters out of them — whatever floats your boat.

Get the instructions here.

Give your shelves a luxe look.

Dwellings by DeVore

I've tried this, and trust me: it looks gorgeous. Make sure to properly sand and prime before you try painting Ikea furniture, or you may find your paint chipping a lot faster than you anticipated.

Don't be afraid to paint your appliances.

Dwell Beautiful

They are yours, after all! Freshen up your KitchenAid Stand Mixer with a fresh coat of paint in your favorite color.

Make sure to follow these instructions from Dwell Beautiful to get the best possible finish on yours!

Add some color to a piece.

If you're bored with your furniture, hold off on selling or junking it. Take a look at the shape and the lines and see if a bit of spray paint can bring it back to life.

Add new hardware, and it may just be love at first sight... again.

Don't be afraid to paint fabric.

Polished Habitat

Yup, fabric. These curtains are just Ikea curtains that were purchased for $40 (bless you, Ikea).

Masking paper was measured out, and then on the black spray paint went. Make sure to do a few coats for maximum opacity, even in the sun!

Spray paint a lampshade.


Lampshades: they're pretty damn ugly. Or boring. Or both! So why not customize your own?

Pick up a standard lamp shade and get painting. You can match yours to your wall color, or go for something crazy!

Brighten up some standard decor.

The No Pressure Life

You can find a pegboard at your local hardware store, or even Ikea. You know what you can't find there? Pegboards in fun colors.

If you want a magenta pegboard, you know what to do.

Fix up an ugly fireplace.

Bright Green Door

High-heat resistant paint exists, how about that?

If you have an ugly brass fireplace and can't stand the sight of it, there's hope for you yet: this tutorial by Bright Green Door.

Become a big gold fan.

Delineate Your Dwelling

I'm just gonna say it: this fan is a babe.

This transformation was pretty major. Every part of the fan got painted, from the old cage to the entire base and the switches! If you're looking for a more chic fan choice this summer, check your own fans first!