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Use Scrap Pieces Of Fabric To Make A 'Rag Flag' For An Easy Fourth of July Decoration

Did the Fourth of July sneak up on you like a jump scare in a scary movie? I know, we can't believe it's almost July already!

If you're suddenly panicking that you don't have anything to freshen up your decor and show your love for the U.S.A, don't worry—there's a simple DIY for that.

If you're looking to freshen up your Fourth of July decor or are looking for an easy last minute decoration idea, look no further than rag flags.

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Don't they just look adorable? They're basically a shabby chic deconstructed American flag.

We love the wabi sabi effect that the combination of all the different fabrics strung together gives.

If you have some red, white, and blue fabric lying around your house, perfect. Otherwise, you can totally go to your local fabric store and pick up different fabrics in those colors.

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Blogger Jenny Reimold uses a large wooden rod to hang the rag cuttings from, and even includes some fun pom pom garland pieces for some fun texture.

All you have to do to make the rag flag is rip your fabric into long strips and tie them to your rod of choice.

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It's seriously as simple as that.

For the blue corner section, you can cut some smaller strips and hang them together until you reach a small rectangle shape, or glue your blue rectangle to the fabric.

You can have lots of fun mixing up the patterns and textures to reflect your personal decor style.

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Bonus points if you find blue fabric with stars!

When your rag flag is all finished, it's ready to be hung with some string wherever you like. Then you're really ready to celebrate!