People Are Layering Embroidery Designs To Make Intricate Koi Ponds

Embroidery is one of the coolest art mediums.

It's also one of the most consistent in terms of popularity. Everyone loves something handmade, and embroidery is one of those mediums that always feels very kitschy and niche.

One user on Reddit actually figured out how to make embroidery 3D (or 4D, if you will), and the results are too cool.

This is one of the coolest projects I've ever seen.

The idea itself is so creative, and the execution is so simple! I really love the idea of 3D embroidery — it adds a new, fresh twist to the medium.

Here's how the inventor did it:

"3 hoops, each with deep blue tulle, stitched with 3 layers of a koi pond. The bottom hoop is stitched with stones, the middle layer suspends 4 fish in the "water," and the top layer holds lily pads afloat on the surface."

The layers are absolutely crazy.

You can really see the depth from this angle! I love that the fish are on a different layer from the lily pads. It's little details like that which really sell the whole illusion.

Some people got super intricate with theirs.

This one had layers and layers of pebbles, lily pads, and fish! I love that the bottom is embroidered with rocks to really sell the depth of the piece.

What do you think of these beautiful embroidery designs?